Elevate Dessert Bars With A Dollop Of Meringue

We all love a good dessert bar every now and then — something simple to satisfy the sweet tooth that doesn't require a lot of effort and skill to make. It certainly helps that they're so easy to customize as well. No matter what your preference is, there's undoubtedly a recipe that will fit the bill perfectly. For those who are looking for a small yet unique tweak to elevate a familiar dessert bar, you may find the unexpected answer in a dollop of meringue.

Naturally light and airy, meringue strikes a playful contrast with the dessert bar's density. When torched, it forms a crisp yet delicate exterior that encases the interior in an exciting juxtaposition. Whether your dessert bar is fudgy, crumbly, or any other texture, meringue's unique simplicity makes a complementary pairing each and every time.

Much like the consistency, meringue's flavor is also quite soft: A whisper of sweetness that simply breezes through the taste buds. At first bite, you're greeted with a delicate creaminess that works as a melodic prelude that teases the flavor symphony to come. Meringue's faint taste makes an excellent canvas for pairing with various other ingredients. From bittersweet chocolate, delectably bright fruits, and salty-sweet nuts to anything else your heart desires, meringue has no difficulty mingling with almost any dessert flavor.

Fun ways to add meringue to your dessert bars

Meringue is often used as a topping that works phenomenally well for enhancing the taste, texture, and visual appeal of sweet treats. Most commonly, it's spread over the top of lemon bars and cookie bars, but feel free to go with any other variety that you prefer. You can stick to the traditional sugary taste for a classic and simple addition, but branching out isn't such a bad idea either. Sprinkle in matcha powder, cocoa powder, etc. when you're whisking the ingredients together for a fun twist that greatly diversifies the dessert bar's flavor profile. Other types of flavorings like fruit jam, extracts, etc. also work, so you can always switch things up and try something new.

You don't have to solely stick to just the meringue either. Crumbles of chocolate, nuts, dried fruits, citrus zest, crackers, and more over the fluffy cloud of confectionary are always welcome. If you simply want extra flavor without layering in any more textures, go with sauces. Drizzle hot fudge sauce or caramel sauce over the meringue, and you will be left with a stunning dessert with an even more stunning taste. Spices are another fantastic choice, especially when you've got something autumnal like pumpkin bars or apple crumble bars. A pinch of cinnamon, ground cloves, nutmeg, or pumpkin pie spice is all you need to fully embrace the season's quintessential flavors.