Martha Stewart's Organizing Tip For Storing Your Favorite Rolling Pins

Some kitchen tools undoubtedly take up more room in your drawers than others — case in point, the beloved rolling pin. If you have a few lying around, you might like Martha Stewart's organizational remedy for the essential cooking and baking tool. As shared on her website, Stewart recommends storing all of your wooden tools together; however, the domestic goddess notes that, if you have a collection, you can also hang them from the bottom of your kitchen shelves. Not only can you show them off this way, but they will be within arm's length when you need to grab one.

Why store your wooden kitchen tools together? Rolling pins are big and bulky, and if you have more than one, you might feel like you are playing Tetris when you try to organize them alongside spatulas, serving spoons, or whatever else may be their drawer campions. The last thing you want is your rolling pin actually rolling around in a drawer every time you open it, causing damage or crushing any delicate tools near it.

Consider the material and durability of your rolling pins first

If you plan to hang your rolling pins as Martha Stewart suggests, you should take into account their shape as well as what material they are made of. Are they French rolling pins sans handles, or shaped more like a big stick? Or, do they have tapered pins that pivot as they move? These nuances will influence what type of hooks or nails you want to use for each piece in your collection to rest upon.  

Some rolling pins are truly made for this storage hack like marble rolling pins that tend to be on the fragile side and can easily chip if they are banging around in a drawer. On the other hand, wooden rolling pins are exceptionally durable, except when it comes to the elements. They need to be in a place where there is limited moisture and slim temperature fluctuations so they don't warp or crack. Any way you store them, you'll also want to choose a spot where the rolling pins are going to stay clean and won't be subjected to a lot of grease or sauce splatters.