Martini Glasses Are The Festive And Fun Way To Serve Ice Cream

Ice cream is arguably one of the best desserts out there and is sure to please a crowd if you bring it out for the dessert course at a dinner party. However, even though it's basically a surefire way to please your guests, you may want to take the presentation to the next level to really impress the dinner party. To do this, we recommend looking to your glassware and using martini glasses to serve the ice cream in a fun and festive way.

Part of the fun in drinking a martini is how elegant it looks in its glass — so you may as well extend that to dessert. The ice cream will look just as fancy in the glass as a drink would and it's sure to be a memorable presentation. Plus, the wide opening at the top of the glass leaves plenty of room for toppings, so you have space to stack as much as you want atop the ice cream. Maybe you want to make a banana split sundae — after placing the ice cream at the bottom of the glass, there's plenty of room for whipped cream, banana pieces, chocolate chips, and a cherry — or whatever else you want to include.

Another perk to using martini glasses for this purpose is that you can store them in the freezer ahead of time. This way, the frosted glasses will keep the ice cream cold longer.

Other desserts to present in martini glasses

If you love this idea, then there's no need to stop at ice cream — there are plenty of other desserts that will work well in a martini glass. For example, mousse — such as Tasting Table's toasted white chocolate mousse — is already typically served in glasses, so why not go the more fancy route and serve it out of martini glasses? You'll just have to make sure there's enough space in your fridge for multiple martini glasses since mousse requires chilling before it's ready to serve. Similarly, any type of traditional pudding will also work well with this presentation — like mousse, pudding usually requires chilling beforehand.

While mousse and ice cream are pretty straightforward ideas for this presentation idea, there are also ways to use the martini glasses in unexpected ways. Next time you whip up a batch of chocolate truffles, you can place three of them in a martini glass to easily hand out serving sizes to your guests. Tasting Table's dark chocolate raspberry truffles, for example, are already decorated nicely with graham cracker crumbs and chocolate drizzle and will look even more elegant inside of a martini glass — you can even drizzle more chocolate over the top if you please.