Use A Ring Mold To Make Picture-Perfect Pancakes Every Time

Are you tired of pancakes that look like abstract art rather than breakfast? You're not alone. Achieving that perfect circle shape that we see in cookbooks and brunch spots can be a bit of a challenge to do at home. But guess what, it's totally doable and actually easy, with the help of a ring mold. 

A ring mold is a round, typically metal or silicone tool that serves as a guide for various culinary creations. You can use it for plating purposes, like stacking vegetables in a neat, aesthetically pleasing manner, molding rice and other grains, or cutting out circular pastry shapes. In addition to all these uses, ring molds are ideal for making picture-perfect pancakes. They confine the batter to a defined space, ensuring that your flapjacks turn out round and neat every time. But using the ring mold is not just about making them look good, it's also about consistency and ease, ensuring your breakfast treats come out uniform without any hassle.

And yes, there are molds specifically designed for pancakes. These often come in fun shapes and sizes, allowing you to add a creative touch to your breakfast. From classic circles to hearts and even animal shapes, these specialized molds can make creating griddlecakes an enjoyable and artistic endeavor. 

How to use a ring mold for pancakes

Using a ring mold for picture-perfect hotcakes is simple. Before you start, make sure your ring mold and frying pan are clean and ready to go. Lightly grease the mold on the inside and the pan to prevent sticking. Place the device in the center of the pan and heat them together over medium heat. The trick is to get both just warm enough that the batter sizzles slightly when it hits the surface, otherwise, you'll ruin your pancakes. This hot temperature helps to set the shape immediately and prevents sticking to the mold and pan.

Once they are both warm, pour the pancake batter into the mold, filling it about halfway to avoid the batter spilling over the top when it begins to expand and cook. Allow the flapjack to cook until bubbles form on the surface and the edges appear set. Once the first side is cooked, gently lift the mold off the pancake. If you're using a metal mold, you might need tongs or an oven mitt as it can get hot. 

Then, using a spatula, carefully flip the hotcake to cook the other side. Alternatively, you can flip the pancake with the mold still intact just to ensure no residual runny batter spreads to the sides and ends up undoing your perfect shape. Cook the second side until golden brown, and viola! Your Insta-worthy circular pancake is ready to serve.