Remove Spam With Ease By Cutting The Bottom Of The Tin

Whether you're enjoying Spam musubi or making Spam fried rice, one of the most difficult parts of using this canned meat is the can itself. Spam is tightly packed into its metal tin to help preserve the meat and keep it shelf stable. But this powerful vacuum seal wedges the Spam so tightly into the can that it can feel impossible to get out. More often than not, you want to keep the Spam whole and intact for your recipes so you can cut and shape it to your liking, but difficulty removing the Spam can lead to accidentally ruining its original shape. Luckily, next time you open a can, you don't have to suffer when trying to get your Spam out.

If you use a small, sharp knife to gently create a slit at the bottom of the Spam can you'll be able to open the can and easily slide the meat out. This is because puncturing the can releases the air from that aforementioned vacuum seal and decreases the pressure in the can, meaning that the can is no longer sticking to the sides and bottom. 

To do this hack, grab a small sharp knife or a fixed can opener. Then, work your knife slowly into the can to avoid puncturing the meat; once you see a small hole, you're ready to open the top and enjoy your prize.

Other hacks for opening Spam

If using a knife to open your Spam feels intimidating, don't fret. There are other hacks out there that make getting your Spam out a breeze. One of the easiest hacks is to gently squeeze the can on its sides to help its walls release from the Spam. Doing this and lightly tapping the can will unstick your Spam and allow it to slide out in one solid piece. You may have to work at it for a few minutes to get the Spam out, but eventually, it should budge.

You can make the whole process easier for yourself before even attempting the other two mentioned methods by taking an unopened can of Spam and running warm water over it for several seconds before opening it. The warm water loosens up the fat content in the Spam and helps the meat to gently slide right out. You could also submerge the unopened can into a bowl of warm water to help reach all the sides of the meat.