Add Pomegranate To Your Brownies For A Unique Burst Of Fruit Flavor

Brownies are one of the most classic dessert dishes out there — between their chocolate overload and their gooey texture, it's easy to see why. While a straightforward brownie is always a delicious choice, it doesn't hurt to spice things up once in a while and add an unexpected flavor to your batch of homemade brownies. Our recommendation? A burst of pomegranate.

Tasting Table's recipe for no-cook pomegranate-stuffed brownies, which was developed by Ksenia Prints, is just what you need for an exciting fruit flavor in your brownies. The sweet tartness of pomegranate seeds is the perfect way to bring some lightness to the rich, decadent texture of brownies. Plus, the bright color of the seeds makes the dish just as visually pleasing as it is delicious.

The pomegranate seeds are added to the ganache mixture, which is used to top the brownies — and some extra pomegranate seeds are added to the top, for good measure. Since the ganache mixture is used to top the brownies (instead of being incorporated into them), this makes it easy for you to use the pomegranate ganache mixture on top of any brownie recipe — or even recipes for other desserts.

Other dessert recipes to use with the pomegranate-filled ganache

First and foremost, you may want to consider using the pomegranate-filled ganache for other brownie recipes — this Tasting Table recipe uses dates, nuts, and cacao powder as the main ingredient for the no-bake brownies, so it's a little different than a typical brownie recipe (namely, it's less sweet, as the dates are used for sweetness rather than regular sugar). So, if you're looking for an ultra-sweet brownie to pair with the pomegranate-filled ganache, then you may want to make our ultimate fudgy brownies instead.

The pomegranate ganache would also work on top of a classic chocolate cake in place of traditional frosting — just like with the brownies, the pomegranate's sweet and tart flavors will blend nicely with the chocolate's richness. Or, you could use it to make a classic pound cake or angel food cake a bit more flavorful and exciting. Speaking of cake, maybe you want to use the pomegranate ganache for cupcakes — it even works well for a surprise filling inside the cupcake, to go along with a traditional frosting on top.