The Absolute Best Method For Whipping Cream

There are many ways to make whipped cream when you are in need of a soft and creamy topping for dessert. Any method that will force air bubbles into heavy cream will do the job, from simply beating it with a fork, old-fashioned shaking in a jar, or using a traditional mixer or high-tech immersion blender, but we are here to give you the chef's favorite way to heavenly whipped cream that has the perfect texture: a simple hand whisk.

Whisking your cream by hand lessens the chance of overbeating the cream and only takes a few extra minutes, which is a small price to pay for a superior finished whipped cream. You'll only need two or three minutes to whisk a cup of cream into two cups of whipped cream. In fact, the time spent setting up a mixer and cleaning it afterward is often lengthier than the process of hand-whisking. With one easy-to-clean, multi-purpose whisk and a bowl, you've got all you need. Keep all those other tools in the drawer!

Handy tips to whip

Keeping the cream cold is a key to success no matter which method you choose because the fat globules help to keep air bubbles trapped in place. Chilling the bowl you whisk in keeps the cream cooler, and a metal bowl chills up best. Choose a bowl that has plenty of room so you're not flinging little droplets of cream out while it's still liquid. A metal wire balloon whisk will introduce the air bubbles the quickest, but any French-style whisk will work.

The best way to start whipping cream is to move your whisk side to side in the bowl until the cream begins to thicken slightly. Continue with the side-to-side movement until you see the bottom of the bowl in visible traces from time to time. Within a minute or two, soft mounds of cream will form, perfect for dolloping on the side of a pie or a coffee drink. Whisk just a little more for a firmer whip that will stand up on a cake or pudding. You can check the texture by holding the whisk up to see if the cream keeps its shape, or falls softly. Silky whipped cream has a luxurious mouthfeel that is well worth the few minutes of effort and it will earn you the chef-kiss seal of approval.