The Fun And Easy Way To Cook A Breakfast Sandwich All In One Pan

From grilled cheeses to tuna melts, pan-fried sandwiches offer a toasted buttery crunch of bread and a gooey decadent filling. While the croque madame and Monte Cristo sandwiches are well-established pan-grilled breakfast traditions, a newer, popular method for a grilled breakfast sandwich cooks, assembles, and integrates the ingredients all in one pan.

The fastest, easiest way to achieve a perfectly cooked breakfast sandwich is by using the egg as a filling, batter, and binding agent for the rest of the ingredients. Consequently, you'll start by beating an egg or two in a bowl while you heat the frying pan. You dip the two slices of bread in the scrambled eggs before pouring them into a hot pan of melted butter or oil. Once the eggs have created a thin, even layer over the cooking pan and begin to bubble, you'll add the egg-washed slices of bread.

The bread will quickly stick to the eggs. Once the eggs surrounding the pieces of bread have set, use a spatula to flip the whole thing over so that the bread is touching the pan and the eggs are on top. Fold the bits of egg hanging over the bread inwards so all the egg is on both slices of bread. Then, add desired cheeses and cooked proteins, and fold one of the slices of bread and toppings over onto the other. The hot eggs and frying pan will continue to melt the ingredients and toast the bread.

Sandwich variations and tips for successful execution

This clever breakfast sandwich hack has become quite the trend on TikTok, and you can use any number of viral TikTok videos as a visual guide. The procedure is simple enough, but there are a few tips to ensure you get that crisp exterior and gooey interior. The first tip is to cook the eggs and bread on low heat so that they stay moist and fluffy. To ensure that the cheese melts evenly and thoroughly, use a thin slice of cheese or shredded cheese. Lastly, while the egg wash infuses the bread with a rich savory flavor, it might also make for a soggy sandwich.


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A tasty and easy way to crisp up the exterior of the bread is to add more butter to the pan once the sandwich is assembled, flipping the sandwich onto the sizzling butter for around 45 seconds, then repeating this step for the other slice of bread. While many of the videos use classic packaged sandwich bread, a heartier artisanal bread like thick slices of country white or sourdough would crisp easier and provide a sturdier retainer for the gooey fillings.

Sliced ham or crumbled breakfast sausage are great choices for a breakfast sandwich protein. Crispy bacon would be a lovely textural contrast to the gooey cheese and egg. If you want more complexity, you can slather strawberry or blackberry jam, hot sauce, or caramelized onion jelly to the bottom slice of bread before adding the cheese.