French Toast Shots Are The Genius Way To Drink The Brunch Treat

The deliciousness of French toast needn't be reserved for breakfast and brunch dates nor be served strictly in the form of a meal. Drink your favorite cinnamon-sugary bread recipe any time of the day with a French toast shot — a quick gulp made from butterscotch schnapps, fireball, and Irish cream. With equal parts of each boozy ingredient added, even the most untrained bartender among us can assemble this liquid treat. Simply pour into a shaker with ice and strain into shot glasses. 

Once you have the basic recipe mastered, you can adjust it accordingly to suit your palate and the preferences of your guests. Serve the sweet, punchy drink with rims of cinnamon sugar garnish, and for an extra sweet touch, line each shot glass with liquid syrup before twisting them into one-gulp slurps of cinnamon and sugar mixture. Top with a dot of cream, or invite ginger or cloves to the garnish mix for a touch of warmth. And for seasonal flavor variations, include pumpkin pie spice to make a drink that will have revelers asking for more. 

The sweetest shot to serve

For those with an extra demanding sweet tooth, line the inside of glasses with drizzles of maple syrup before pouring the shaken French toast shot into each glass to serve. To amplify the bready, toasty flavor profile of this alcoholic French toast beverage, sprinkle toasted bread crumbs on top of each poured glass by using a microplane to zest your favorite buttery toast onto the surface of each drink. Top glasses with shavings of chocolate, add a sprinkle of salt to crank up the flavor volume, top your shots with quick swirls of caramel, or use desiccated coconut to garnish glass rims. If you like a particular ingredient included in your syrupy plates of French toast, don't hold back when it comes to assembling your liquid recipes.

For instance, if you prefer French toast with extra cream, go wild. Crown shot glasses with dollops of homemade whipped cream and dust with brown sugar. Banana lovers may appreciate a garnish of a fresh or dried banana slice, or try adding banana liqueur to the original recipe before shaking liquid ingredients together. Once you've started experimenting with mixing and serving French toast shots, your boozy brunches may never be the same as you uncover new ways to garnish and serve this drink. Just consider yourself warned: This is a sweet shot that is easy to swallow.