Pretzel Wreaths Are The DIY Snack Your Holiday Grazing Table Needs

The ingredients needed to make cute snacks for your holiday parties might be tucked away in your pantry. Even if you don't see yourself as a crafty chef, making wreaths with your favorite pretzel brands couldn't be easier. With a bit of planning, you can even get your family and friends in on the action, and an edible wreath-making party can lighten spirits during hectic holiday seasons.

Use parchment or baking paper to help make clean-up easier and experiment with different flavors of pretzels to make wreaths for uniquely flavored treats. Double down on sweetness by using chocolate-covered pretzels as the base layer, and pour melted candy to stick the salty-sweet pieces together. Choose candies that complement the color themes of your holiday parties and add tied Twizzlers or red M&Ms to symbolize bows on your pretzel wreaths. When stacked on top of each other or displayed across a flat platter, your homemade treats are sure to impress your dinner party guests — and perhaps even inspire them to make pretzel wreaths of their own.

A pretty presentation that is easy to make

Once you've mastered the basic assembly of pretzel wreaths, you can go wild with creative variations on the recipe. From using different kinds of melted chocolate to adhere the pretzel pieces together to decorating the finished pieces with an assortment of candies, your wreaths can take on unique aesthetic presentations of their own.

When assembled in mass, these handheld snacks are not only pretty when set out on a grazing table but equally satisfying to bite into. The combination of crunchy, salted pretzels coated with your choice of melted chocolate and candy is a flavor duo that is tough to match and when decorated with an assortment of colorful sprinkles, is sure to brighten up your next table spread. Though pretzel wreaths look impressive and festive, making them is a breeze and will immediately have you swept away in a peppy holiday mood.