At Starbucks China, A Joyful Apple Latte Is Perfect For Holiday Sipping

If you're traveling to China during the holidays and consider yourself a Starbucks aficionado, there's a seasonal latte unique to the country that you might want to try during your trip. Introducing the new apple joy latte, which is available at Starbucks cafes across China for a limited time only. If you ask us, we think it's more unique and appealing than some of the seasonal beverages found here in the U.S.

The latte is inspired by apple pie, which is a popular dessert served during the holidays in China. This latte pays homage to the holiday dessert with "the rich fruity aroma of apple and the sweetness of caramel, combined with espresso and steamed milk topped with diced apple," according to Starbucks Stories & News. The beverage only seems to be available as a hot latte, so you'll have to check in with a barista at a Chinese Starbucks if you would prefer an iced or frappuccino version.

Where to grab the apple joy latte in China

Where in China can you find a Starbucks to order an apple joy latte? You've got plenty of options because there are over 6,500 cafes across mainland China. This includes locations in over 250 cities, like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Outside of mainland China, the coffee chain features different seasonal menu items, so you probably won't be able to find the apple joy latte elsewhere.

If the apple joy latte doesn't tantalize your taste buds, there are a few other holiday beverages available in China. On the Chinese Starbucks menu, there's also the toffee nut latte, rum chocolate flavored mochas, and the Starbucks Cloud toffee nut latte during the holiday season. Other limited-edition Starbucks holiday drinks across the world include the strawberry merry cream frappuccino in Japan, the hazelnut caramel and red velvet lattes in Latin America and the Caribbean, plus the iced sugar cookie almond milk lattes here in the U.S. and Canada.