Pomegranate Seeds Give A Burst Of Acidity To Your Veggie Tacos

For those of you who are vegetarian — or, if you just like to enjoy vegetarian meals — then you're probably always on the lookout for ways to upgrade your dishes and keep them exciting. Well, we have just the way to take your veggie tacos to the next level: pomegranate seeds. In Tasting Table's recipe for butternut squash tacos with pomegranate pico, which was developed by Ksenia Prints, we mix pomegranate seeds with cherry tomatoes, red onion, and cilantro, as well as salt and pepper, to make a delicious take on pico de gallo.

The pomegranate seeds bring in a burst of acidity, with some subtle sweet notes, to balance out the savoriness of the seasoned butternut squash. Without the pomegranate pico, you may find the dish a bit too heavy and rich, whereas the pomegranate makes the tacos a bit lighter and brighter. Plus, one of the best parts of the pomegranate pico is that, like traditional pico de gallo, it can be used for a number of different taco varieties.

Other veggie taco toppings to pair with pomegranate pico de gallo

The Tasting Table recipe uses the pomegranate pico de gallo to top the butternut squash tacos, which also contain feta cheese and pumpkin seeds — a pretty delicious combination if we do say so ourselves. However, you shouldn't limit the pomegranate pico to just this recipe. Rather, it can be used to brighten up a number of veggie taco recipes.

For example, you can steal Tasting Table's recipe for grilled cauliflower fajitas and turn them into tacos. The dish includes perfectly seasoned cauliflower (including spices such as ancho powder, paprika, ground cumin), bell peppers, and onions — but it's missing that sweet acidity that the pomegranate pico brings to the table. Or, you can bring together crispy chickpeas, avocado slices, and cabbage, and top it all off with a scoop of pomegranate pico for a crunchy and fresh taco meal.

The pomegranate pico would also pair well with a sweet salsa, such as pineapple salsa, to up the ante on the sweetness while keeping the acidity. The pomegranate pico-pineapple salsa combo will complement just about all the recipe ideas listed above, so feel free to experiment.