Martha Stewart Is Busy Baking 30 Pies For Thanksgiving This Year

Martha Stewart may be the queen of comforting, homemade Thanksgivings, but her holiday plans are far from relatable. Stewart looks as at home behind a roast turkey as she does in a turtleneck sweater, and she has been a consistent figure on national cooking shows around the holidays for over 30 years. It turns out that kind of notoriety can lead to a schedule even more hectic than the normal Thanksgiving marathon. In fact, Stewart is so busy around the November holiday that baking 30 pies is seen as a step down from her normal output.

Earlier this month, Stewart caught some attention on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" after announcing she "gave up Thanksgiving" and "canceled" her plans. In the age of rabid fan followings, that set off a lot of concern online, enough that Stewart clarified the statements on Instagram, saying she is not giving up entirely on Thanksgiving this year but canceled "the planned gathering at my house due to guest cancellations and new travel plans."

While someone as busy as Stewart would be justified in doing whatever she wants over the holiday break, she noted on Clarkson's show that she already cooked 14 turkeys for her show and said on Instagram that she still had big plans to bake pies. And, when it comes to those pies, she'll be making 30 of them, in different varieties, to share with her staff this year.

Martha Stewart's big lineup of classic pies and tarts

To fill out her 30-pie holiday, Stewart is making five different pies, in numbers she outlined with a cute pie chart showing what her staff wanted to eat this year. There are stalwarts like pumpkin and pecan pie of course, but also a chocolate pecan, and two fresher tasting options for lemon and cranberry tarts. She also added that she is of course making a turkey this year as well, but for a friend of hers, not for a dinner she is hosting. Still, we assume she'll be using her favorite turkey cooking methods that she has shared with the world.

While turkey gets a lot of attention, pies have long been Stewart's way of showing some love around Thanksgiving. She shared a similar output of 30 pies a few years ago, which she baked for the workers on her farm, including an intriguing-sounding pecan brown butter rum pie alongside the cranberry and pumpkin. Maybe most impressively, she announced that she had cooked all 30 pies in 20 hours. That's a long day for sure, but still under a pie an hour. So maybe we can all give Stewart a break and appreciate her amazing output during the holidays.