Martha Stewart's Thanksgiving Table Features Turkey In More Ways Than One

The right centerpieces can take dinner parties to a whole new level, yet choosing the perfect combination of items relevant to your theme or the evening you have planned can take some creative planning. Leave it to Martha Stewart to adorn tables with carefully arranged seasonal flowers and foliage to impress guests long before the first course is served. 

From choosing fresh blooms from her garden to setting tables with personalized menus and seating cards, Stewart makes sure diners' views are aesthetic, napkins are freshly pressed, and placemats complement the occasion. When it comes to hosting Thanksgiving, however, Stewart takes on a more whimsical approach by totally embracing holiday motifs. 

Viewers of Stewart's show may have noticed a large turkey mold the hostessing queen uses to make chocolate turkeys, but Stewart's love of turkey memorabilia doesn't stop there. Stewart told The Kitchn she designs Thanksgiving centerpieces with taxidermied turkeys and turkeys made from glass and ceramics — and the pieces aren't just found on her dining room table. 

A turkey-themed aesthetic

Stewart is by no means shy about covering her home with all things turkey. "I used to live on Turkey Hill Road and my house was called Turkey Hill, and I started my big turkey collection then," Stewart explained to The Kitchn. In an Instagram post, Stewart counted over 100 turkey figurines made from a variety of materials and showcased pieces placed throughout her home for the holiday. Guests arriving at Stewart's home are inundated with the bird long before any cooked turkey is ready to carve

Whether gilded birds are set on side tables or delicately carved wooden turkeys surround plated dishes, Stewart shows no reservations when it comes to embracing this seasonal symbolism. Though Stewart seems to take an unabashed approach to decorating her dining room table for the holiday, it is understandable not every home cook has such an established, impressive figurine collection with which to decorate. On her blog, Stewart encourages hosts to impress their family and friends with tables filled with pumpkins, terra cotta pieces, woven baskets, and beeswax candles, but if you do have turkey decor, wield it with pride.