Swap Chocolate For Cinnamon Chips To Spice Up Your Next Batch Of Cookies

Like salt or nutmeg, a dash of cinnamon in cookies goes a long way. The woody spice gives cookies a slight warmth that's just enough to enhance their taste. Although most recipes simply call for only a pinch of cinnamon, why stop there? Opt for cinnamon chips rather than chocolate chips the next time you make cookies.

Cinnamon chips' toasted flavor makes them a strong contender against chocolate chips. Equipped with the warm, fiery taste of the beloved spice, cinnamon chips bring that lovely flavor to any of your favorite cookies. Use them in place of chocolate chips in these brown butter chocolate chip cookies for a richer taste. And, if you still desire that cocoa fix, sprinkle in a few slivers of chopped-up chocolate bars.

Cinnamon chips make an excellent replacement for chocolate, but they're also a great addition to all types of cookies. If you can't get enough of the sugary spice in cookies, mix them into your batter for snickerdoodles or cinnamon cookie rolls. Read ahead to see which cookies you should add cinnamon chips to.

Add spiced cinnamon chips to these cookies

A transformative take on the divisive cookie, oatmeal cookies are elevated with cinnamon chips. While regular oatmeal cookies may be scoffed at, adorning them with cinnamon sugar generates intrigue. Fold cinnamon chips into the batter for nuggets of spiced sugar amidst a sea of oatmeal. Instead of raisins, use dried cranberries for a tangy touch.

Macadamia nuts have a buttery taste, with a richness that rivals the depth of cinnamon. Typically made with white chocolate, the ingredient has a light, milky taste that needs some spice. Swap it out for cinnamon chips to deliver a slightly fiery touch to the beloved cookies.

Is there a better combination than peanut butter and cinnamon? Amp up peanut butter cookies with cinnamon chips. The classic cookies deserve a spicy upgrade to enhance their sweet taste. If you're not a fan of peanut butter, sugar cookies are another simple dessert that benefits from the fragrant chips.