Maraschino Cherries Make A Sweet Substitute For Grenadine In Tequila Sunrises

Even when summer's long gone, you can always count on a tequila sunrise to bring back the season's sun-soaked essence. With sweet citrusy notes and a yellow-red gradient hue, this gorgeous cocktail always feels like summer in a glass. Typically a simple combination of orange juice, tequila, and grenadine, it's relatively easy to make at home should the craving ever hit. Of course, if grenadine isn't readily available, a jar of maraschino cherries is just as good.

While not always difficult to find, grenadine isn't exactly a household staple. Maraschino cherries, on the other hand, might already be sitting in your fridge — especially if you've got a sweet tooth and like to indulge in homemade desserts. Even though they're more commonly used as garnishes or toppings, you can utilize them to replace grenadine. This substitution allows you to make a tequila sunrise at home anytime you want without compromising on the cocktail's fundamental flavors.

Although completely distinguishable in taste, maraschino cherries still bear certain resemblances to grenadine. They have a concentrated, luscious sweetness, with hidden sour and floral notes subtly peeking through. They bring an intricately sweet and fragrant touch that melds right into the orange juice's brightness and the tequila's signature oaky, peppery taste. It's an interplay of flavors that perfectly captures the drink's most beloved qualities – vibrant, enticing, and refreshingly fruity.

The fun never ends when you've got maraschino cherries

Surprisingly, there's more than one way to make maraschino cherries a grenadine substitution. The simplest one, of course, is by utilizing the liquid they're soaked in. It's most often sugar syrup, so if you like a bold sweetness, this is the ideal choice. Note that this syrup might have a thicker consistency than regular grenadine, so you might need to add a pinch of water to thin it out. Alternatively, you can muddle the cherries and extract the juice for less intense but more complex, enticing sweet notes. You can even add other fresh fruits like berries, mangos, or lime into the mix to layer in more flavors.

The fun doesn't have to end there, either. As it turns out, maraschino cherries also make a fine grenadine substitute in various other cocktails. You can add it to a Shirley Temple for a near-similar sweet splash, a rum punch if you want a more elaborate tropical taste, or perhaps even a Monkey Gland. Feel free to get creative and explore other cocktail recipes where grenadine is used. You can experiment with the ratios and taste as you go and have tons of fun putting your own spin on classic creations.