What Actually Goes Into A 5 Star General Cocktail?

If a 5 Star General drink order sounds like a beverage that might command your attention, you're certainly not wrong. To make this drink, bartenders mix up equal parts of five different kinds of liquor and liqueur to serve in a shot glass. Whether the mixture of ingredients is shaken with ice or poured directly into the shot glass for consumption, the potency of the 5 Star General can be softened with the addition of a ripe mango slice as garnish. 

Named after the highest ranking in the U.S. Army, the 5 Star General is made with equal parts Jägermeister, Bacardi 151 proof rum, peppermint liqueur or schnapps, cinnamon schnapps, and tequila. It's safe to say that this drink packs enough of an alcoholic wallop to warrant a proper salute. Biting into a refreshingly sweet and juicy mango slice after tossing this down your hatch can help ease some of the sting involved, and you will have earned your stripes at the bar if you can finish this shot with a smile.

When ratios matter as much as the ingredients

Because proportions are key to nailing the 5 Star General shot recipe, aspiring bartenders must remember to pour no more than a 1-ounce volume of liquid to serve to guests. This shot size helps drinkers confidently swallow the recipe in a single gulp without having to struggle or pause before the drink is fully consumed. 

While the exact ingredients to make a 5 Star General may differ from bar to bar — certain bartenders substitute tequila with different brands while others deviate from this recipe entirely by mixing up three types of whiskies (a Scotch and 2 bourbons: Tennesse and Kentucky) with tequila and rum – the perfect ratio of the five ingredients included in the drink will remain the same, regardless of the recipe's components. For bartenders unarmed with fresh mangoes to slice into, the 5 Star General can also be served with a cinnamon stick for a spicier, earthy garnish that literally stands at attention.