A Splash Of Baileys Will Seriously Upgrade Your Next Tiramisu

A bit of booze can add wonderous complexity during cooking. Not only do most alcoholic drinks boast a delicious flavor of their own but they can also accentuate others. Alcohol's chemical composition mixes both fat and water-based ingredients, melding flavors through a dish. As a result, experimenting with varying liquor additions can imbue foods with a distinct character.

And there's no better dish to integrate with a boozy twist than tiramisu. In addition to its cornerstone coffee, classic renditions often add a few tablespoons of marsala wine or cognac. But we suggest deviating from the standard additions by adding Baileys Irish Cream. The whiskey-based liqueur's palate aligns beautifully with the dessert — its notes of cocoa, vanilla, and cream delectably soak through the ladyfinger base. In fact, the combination is so seamless that Baileys themselves even released a limited edition tiramisu-flavored liqueur. Let's dive into the best way to add it.

The creamy, sweet notes of Baileys align with tiramisu

Riffs on Irish cream tiramisu are abundant; many chefs offer their own spin on the dish. As with other Italian cuisine, it's paramount to assemble components carefully. Select ladyfingers of a sturdier variety that can withstand a creamy soak rather than the soft, spongier type. Extra attention should be paid to the coffee, too. Especially with Baileys' sweeter, bold flavor, it's vital to utilize an equally strong brew to counterbalance. And with most recipes using raw eggs, opt for the highest quality available — paying close attention to using the best ingredients will make for a more authentic outcome, with a tasty Baileys flavored result.

When it comes to pouring in the Baileys, the amount you use is a matter of preference. Some opt for just a shot or two, whipping all of it into the mascarpone mixture. Others integrate up to a cup or more, with one part in the cream and another in the coffee dipping mixture for the ladyfingers. Keep in mind that Baileys has 17% alcohol — which means it'll take a fair amount to overpower the dessert with an alcoholic burn. So, experiment with varying Baileys ratios in your tiramisu until one hits the spot for you of creamy, flavorful, and with a gentle kick.