Use A Whisk To Scoop An Avocado Half For Quick Guacamole For One

There's nothing like a good avocado hack, and if you love to make crave-worthy guacamole for one, you are going to love this one. Simply cut your avocado in half, remove the pit, and use a wire whisk to remove all the fruit. The whisk functions almost like a drill. Simply spin it downwards in the avocado and all that soft flesh will get trapped in the wires of the whisk. To free it, gently pull some of the wires up to create a large opening and it will fall right out — perfectly mashed.

What you will love about this trick is you can then use the whisk to mash up your avocado for your guac, and it really does make the task much easier. No dicing or slicing. You can also use this whisk hack to make your next Monday morning avocado toast spread. The result is a combination of creamy and chunky — the perfect texture for transforming avocado into guacamole.

Whisky business

Why does the whisk work so well on an avocado? It is largely due to how this kitchen tool has been engineered. Sure, the whisk is great for whipping eggs or emulsifying a vinaigrette, but the very elements of its design that make it perfect for these culinary tasks also make it perfect for cutting your guac-making time in half. Its rounded wires are shaped like a balloon and are perfect for maneuvering curves and trapping thicker ingredients inside. 

While not necessarily used for baking techniques involving fine or wispy ingredients, the wire whisk's bulbous shape and intricately placed wires make it perfect for holding foods like the fruit inside an avocado or picking up dry ingredients like flour and powdered sugar to place in a measuring cup. If you are going to try this hack on your next avocado when you make your lunchtime guacamole, make certain that the avocado is ripe and soft, otherwise you might cause a little damage to your whisk.