Give Your Avocado Toast Unique Flavor Dimension With Vegemite

Though the savory taste of Vegemite isn't for every palate, the recognizable spread can bring an extra zing to your next plate of avocado toast. The concentrated yeast spread that hails from Australia may take a few attempts to fully appreciate, but when paired with the buttery richness of an avocado and the perfectly crispy, satisfying texture of freshly warmed bread, you may discover you have a new favorite dish on your hands. 

Eating Vegemite straight out of the jar can admittedly be a repugnant experience for the uninitiated, but pairing the dark-colored paste with your go-to avocado toast assembly can bring new appreciation to a known recipe. The umami-tasting ingredient adds extra vitamins and minerals to your breakfasts and snack plates, and you may find that you won't need to add much extra in the way of seasonings and salts after inviting this product into the avocado toast mix, regardless of whether you decide to serve this dish smothered with cream cheese or hummus and served on sourdough or your favorite local artisan bread. 

Adding some pep to a familiar recipe

Start by swiping a thin spread of Vegemite onto your toasted, buttered bread before adding avocado mash and poached eggs. To suit your own palate and affinity for flavor, sprinkle red chili flakes on top of your assembled toast, garnish with spoonfuls of chili crisp, or crack ground pepper onto your plate for a crowning touch. The bitter taste of Vegemite can be offset by a drizzle of sweet balsamic vinegar or local honey to invite a touch of sweetness to your culinary creation, or you can try slicing up bananas for a naturally sweet complement to your meal. 

Add pickled red onion to your upgraded dish, consider including layers of potatoes onto your plate, and top assembled pieces with everything bagel seasoning or sprinkles of colorful sumac. This Vegemite-boosted recipe will ensure you sink your teeth into avocado toast that offers a total feast for your senses — you can decide whether tomato jam is a necessary inclusion.