Prosciutto Gives Your Breakfast Sandwich A Bougie Upgrade

The breakfast sandwich is one of the most satisfying breakfasts out there — filling, delicious, and totally customizable. They can be simple and familiar or they can be fancy and elevated, and they're super tasty either way. Given the greatness of the breakfast sandwich, it's not a bad idea to learn how to make one for yourself at home so you can fulfill a craving at a moment's notice. You may think that it's bound to be on the simpler side, but there are definitely ways to upgrade your homemade breakfast sandwich — including adding prosciutto to give it a bougie upgrade.

If you need a recipe to start with, you can turn to Tasting Table's pesto prosciutto breakfast sandwich, which was developed by Taylor Murray. It has many of the ingredients you'd find in the average breakfast sandwich, such as eggs and tomato, but it's elevated by the salty, rich, and flavorful elements of the prosciutto.

Ideas to customize your prosciutto breakfast sandwich

While Tasting Table's pesto prosciutto breakfast sandwich (which also includes arugula, tomato, and pesto on a brioche bun) is a delicious option, you may want to switch it up to make sure it's exactly to your liking. Plus, it's always good to have a few variations on hand so that you don't get tired of having the same sandwich.

To start with, you may want to add cheese. Some cheeses that pair especially well with prosciutto include provolone, asiago, and mozzarella — all of which can easily be cut into slices to fit into a breakfast sandwich. Another cheese that works quite well with prosciutto is Parmesan. For this one, you'll probably need to shred the Parmesan to include it in the sandwich.

Additionally, you might want to swap out the tomato and arugula for other ingredients that are also a good match for prosciutto. You could opt for spinach and avocado, complete with egg and cheese. Speaking of egg, maybe you'd prefer it poached or fried over easy instead to include the flavor of the runny yolk. And, if you're not a pesto fan, you can swap it out for a homemade garlic aioli for some extra savoriness or a chipotle aioli for some added spiciness. Finally, maybe you want to swap out the brioche for another type of bread, such as a baguette for a satisfying crunch or a focaccia for a softer, richer choice.