Give Your Nachos A Sweet Twist By Loading Up Apple Slices

We all love a good plate of nachos — they're crunchy, savory, often spicy, and always delicious. But if you're looking for a sweeter, healthier alternative to ground beef, cheese, and nachos, you may want to check out Tasting Table's recipe for apple nachos with date caramel, which was developed by Jessica Morone and is ready to be enjoyed in just 10 short minutes.

In this recipe, apple slices are topped with date caramel, dried cranberries, cacao nibs, and granola. Of course, as you may have noticed, this snack is quite a bit sweeter than a typical plate of nachos, so you'll have to be in the mood for a dessert-like treat. But the apple nachos will still provide that satisfying crunch that many of us seek out when making ourselves a plate of traditional nachos. Describing the recipe, Morrone says, "I would serve this as a snack when you are looking for something a bit healthier than maybe chips or candy, but still fun."

Plus, one of the best parts about this recipe is how customizable it is. If you want, you can keep the sliced apple base but scrap all of the toppings and pick out your own.

Sweet and savory topping ideas for apple nachos

As mentioned above, Tasting Table's apple nachos are more on the sweeter side, so if you are missing the savory aspect of traditional nachos, you can switch up the toppings to make apple nachos a bit more savory. One savory idea is topping the sliced apples with pieces of prosciutto, your favorite type of nut, and cheese (perhaps Parmesan or mozzarella). You could add a drizzle of olive oil to this concoction to bring it all together. Or, if you're looking for something closer to regular nachos, you could top the apples with shredded chicken, queso, and pineapple salsa.

Or, if you'd like more ideas for sweet apple nachos, you could swap the date caramel for a homemade hot fudge sauce or, to up the ante on the fruit flavors, a strawberry sauce (just keep in mind that both of these aren't as health-conscious as the date caramel). Other sweet topping ideas include chocolate chips, sprinkles, or even M&Ms. You can also switch up the original recipe by choosing a different granola flavor, which range in sweetness levels, or changing out dried cranberries for raisins.