Easily Transform Your Pillsbury Rolls Into Festive Cornucopia Cups

When it comes to hosting dinner parties, aesthetically pleasing dishes and table settings matter. Enter the image of a cornucopia, a hollowed-out basket fashioned in the shape of a horn to represent abundance and prosperity. The symbolic horn of plenty doesn't need to be confined to decorative display, however. With the creative use of pre-made Pillsbury dough, you can be on your way to fashioning cornucopia buns that can be filled with your choice of meats and cheeses or fruits and vegetables for a festive display of more traditional appetizers and snacks.

Though wrapping strips of dough around cones of aluminum foil may take time, your patience in the kitchen will pay off once your guests gush over your impressive culinary creativity and hostessing prowess. After a few attempts fashioning these doughy cornucopia cups, you'll feel like a pastry master chef and be beaming with pride as you take warm, buttery, golden buns in the shape of handheld horns out of your oven. 

When standard bread offerings become handheld sculptures

Whether you use pre-made Pillsbury dough biscuits you've picked up from the store or have taken the effort to make your own dough using a recipe for French bread or croissants, roll quarter-inch thick pieces along the outside of a cone you've fashioned from aluminum foil. You can spray the foil with cooking spray to make removal easier once these unique buns have baked. Paint the outside of your spiraled dough cones with an egg wash and let the cornucopia cups cool before filling them with sliced fruits, veggies, meats, and cheeses to serve.

When displayed on a serving tray together, a group of cornucopia cups can be stacked to create an impressive spread for guests to help themselves. Alternatively, you can present the hollowed buns on a tray next to an assortment of sauces and fillings so that your dinner guests can choose the ingredients that suit their palates and appetites. The appearance and taste of these easy-to-assemble bread pieces may even inspire your guests to step up their own hostessing attempts at the next dinner parties they plan.