CELSIUS Is Bringing Energy To College Students Nationwide With Fit Stops Tour

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CELSIUS is hitting the road with its Fit Stops tour, traveling to college campuses across the U.S. with the headliner DJ duo Two Friends, celebrity trainer Phil Fit, and brand ambassador Tyler Cameron to host banger workout sessions with live music, free samples, and tons of giveaways. The goal of the tour is to build community while fostering an appreciation for exercise by making it a lot of fun, plus working out while listening to music is scientifically proven to increase stamina and boost moods, according to the National Center for Health Research. CELSIUS understands the importance of keeping our bodies healthy, and this tour is just one more opportunity for participants to join its LIVE FIT movement. The event kicked off this past week at Arizona State University and the party won't stop until late next Spring.

Outside of the energy drinks (which are wildly popular with Gen Z and on TikTok), college students and alums may already be familiar with seeing CELSIUS on campus, thanks to the brand's CELSIUS UNIVERSITY program, which offers a paid opportunity for students to get hands-on experience in marketing. With the upcoming Fit Stops tour, CELSIUS will continue to build this relationship. And not only will participants be able to enjoy workout sessions while staying hydrated and energized with free CELSIUS products, but they'll be given the chance to sample the brand-new CELSIUS ESSENTIALS line, which features essential aminos to help enhance physical and cognitive performance. (A feature we know most college students will appreciate.)

New CELSIUS Essentials drinks

On the Fit Stops tour, CELSIUS will be handing out samples of its brand-new CELSIUS ESSENTIALS drinks lineup. Perfectly crafted to be your go-to pre-workout, pre-all-nighter, or post-party drink, CELSIUS ESSENTIALS builds on the original formula of green tea, ginger, vitamins B and C, and guarana seed extract, with an added boost from amino acids. All this combines to create a drink that offers you more energy while also giving the body the nutrients it needs as it's working out.

CELSIUS ESSENTIALS have only just hit the market, so participants in the Fit Stops tour will be some of the first to have a chance to try one of the four flavors: Blue Crush, Dragonberry, Cherry Limeade, and Orangesicle. If you can't wait for the Fit Stops tour to come to your town, or you don't live near a college campus, you can find a location that sells CELSIUS ESSENTIALS near you with the CELSIUS store locator.

For those interested in attending the Fit Stops tour or seeing if their college is going to be included, be sure to check the brand out on Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat @CELSIUSOfficial for locations, dates, and times.