Herb Infused Butter Is The Flavorful Fix For Watery Canned Soup

Let's face it: Canned soup simply isn't as good as the homemade version. While it might work in a pinch, it can be watery and bland, making you wish you had the real thing. Thankfully, there are ways to improve it. If you're too sick to make chicken noodle soup from scratch or simply need a quick meal, add herb-infused butter to your canned chicken soup.

Store-bought soup is rarely "just right." Either it's far too thick and bland, or extremely salty and thin. While it won't make it a Michelin-star meal, herb-infused butter goes a long way. As a fat, butter is essential to giving it much-needed flavor and making soup richer. Soup manufacturers may skimp on spices, so it's up to you to spruce it up with your favorite herbs.

With the canned soup heating up, saute herbs like oregano, tarragon, and bay leaves and pour it into the soup right before serving. Dried herbs tend to have a stronger flavor and are easily accessible, but using fresh herbs for soup is perfectly fine.

Elevate your canned soup with these ingredients

Even if you don't have the most extensive spice cabinet, rosemary and thyme are two common types of herbs you probably have stocked. Both with citrusy nuances, these herbs brighten up drab chicken soup with their peppery taste. After adding the rosemary and thyme-infused butter, sprinkle in some instant mashed potatoes to thicken the soup and give it a heartier flavor.

Make a lazy version of this Thai chicken noodle soup by sauteing lime leaves, lemongrass, and crushed garlic in butter. Once the butter has been thoroughly infused, pour it into the heated soup, followed by a splash of creamy canned coconut milk. Finish off the nutty, rich soup with a squeeze of lime and red pepper flakes for some heat.

If cutting garlic and onions seems like too much work, toss a helping of chives into your soup. The herb is reminiscent of the two aromatics and can be quickly cut up with a pair of scissors. Give the soup a fresh, earthy flavor with dried dill and parsley. To finish it off, mix in some crème fraîche for a full-bodied soup that almost tastes homemade.