Add A Splash Of Whiskey For A Next-Level Boozy Whipped Cream

Whipped cream, the crowning glory atop many desserts and beverages like hot cocoa, is about to get an exhilarating makeover. For those seeking to elevate this classic garnish, introduce a splash of whiskey for a next-level boozy treat. As you whip up your cream, adding a touch of your favorite whiskey infuses the fluffy peaks with a complex, warm depth of flavor. 

We recommend trying this first with a Japanese whisky, renowned for its smoothness, subtle smoke, caramel notes, and nuanced flavors that perfectly complement the sweet cream. Brands like Suntory and Nikka are easy to find in the U.S., given Japanese whiskies' surging popularity around the globe. Whichever brand of whiskey you choose, make sure your whipped cream is in a firm or stiff peaks stage before you add it in. 

Then, gradually mix in your whiskey a little at a time so you can adjust the taste accordingly. The fat in the cream mixes well with this alcohol, so your cream shouldn't curdle or separate but remain smooth. This boozy whipped cream is perfect atop desserts like classic pies or rich, dark chocolate cake, and it can transform a simple mug of hot chocolate into a gourmet experience.

How to elevate whiskey-infused whipped cream with spices, citrus, and savory twists

If you're wondering if you can elevate boozy whipped cream further, the answer is a resounding yes. Check the spices in your pantry and grab some cinnamon. With its warm notes, cinnamon works beautifully with the caramel undertones in many whiskies. Dusting ground cinnamon atop your whipped cream or a pinch infused into it can add a cozy, autumnal warmth, perfect for your seasonal and holiday treats. 

Or check your refrigerator for something citrusy like an orange or tangerine. With its aromatic oils, citrus zest is tangy and refreshing in your boozy whipped cream. Orange-zest-topped boozy whipped cream, for example, is irresistible atop chocolate-based desserts or hot chocolate. The tangy, vibrant notes of the citrus balance the richness of the chocolate, which is delightful to the tastebuds. 

A hint of miso or a dash of salt can also be transformative if you lean towards sweet and savory combinations. Mix miso directly into your boozy whipped cream or top it with sea salt flakes. Whatever you add to your boozy whipped cream, in the end, is up to you. Whether you choose a Japanese whisky or an American whiskey, add sea salt, or choose a spice other than cinnamon, the possibilities are nearly limitless.