19 Of Martha Stewart's Favorite Restaurants Across The US

When we want recommendations for something food-related, it's only natural to turn to a celebrity chef, someone who has made their name and staked their entire reputation on their expertise in food. One such person is Martha Stewart, whose name is not only synonymous with the world of homemaking and entertaining but also with culinary excellence. As such, one can only assume that she has a refined palate and a keen eye for quality and that alone makes her a remarkable source for restaurant recommendations. But she is also well-traveled, having made her way across the U.S. (and the world) many times both for work and pleasure, which means she has been exposed to a vast array of dining establishments over the years, wherever she goes.

So let's take a look at which of these restaurants she seems to prefer and might even recommend. From New York to Maine and over to the West Coast, Martha Stewart's insights and impeccable taste in restaurants ensures that any restaurant she endorses will provide a delightful dining experience.

1. Le Bilboquet

Martha Stewart has made no secret of the fact that, when in Palm Beach, she likes to grab a meal at Le Bilboquet, a restaurant with French flair — both in terms of the food and the decor — but with the use of mostly local ingredients sourced right there in Florida. As Stewart shared on her February 2022 Instagram post about this restaurant, she prefers the sole meunière, which she described as the best she'd had in a while.

Definitely give that a try, but don't shy away from the other options. This "excellent fancy bistro serves classic French cuisine of high quality," according to Martha, so it's safe to say that everything on the menu is going to be delicious. For a Martha Stewart-worthy dinner at this Palm Beach eatery, start with the impressive selection of oysters and caviar, and go from there.

Le Bilboquet

(561) 812-2363

245A Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, FL 33480

2. Sushi Yasuda

Over the years, Martha Stewart has mentioned quite a few sushi restaurants she likes, but the one she seems to go back to again and again, even weekly, is Sushi Yasuda, in New York City. Stewart has been a regular here for years, telling the New York Times back in 2010 that then chef Naomichi Tashuda "takes your taste into account. He remembers what you like and what you don't like."

Yet even after Yashuda's departure, Stewart continues to frequent the joint, telling The Cut in 2017 that she dines there on a weekly basis. This Midtown restaurant is open for lunch, dinner, and take-out, with dishes ranging from the simple boiled edamame to the more elaborate flash-fried prawns with green tea powder.

Sushi Yasuda

(212) 972-1001

204 E. 43rd St., New York, NY 10017

3. Kurumazushi

When Martha Stewart wants to go on a date, she'll likely head to Kurumazushi with her lucky suitor. It wasn't too long ago that she told Conde Nast Traveler that she finds the private tatami room at this New York restaurant to be an ideal spot for a date, which is "a private little room with no one else in it but you, your date, and a beautiful waitress. You let the chef prepare your meal and you drink sake."

But that doesn't mean you necessarily have to take a date here. Indeed, Martha also told Monocle that she and her daughter "used to be able to eat a wardrobe of his sushi," speaking of the chef at Kurumazushi. And with selections such as squid tentacles and sweet shrimp, who can blame them?


(212) 317-2802

7 East 47th St. 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10017

4. Le Bernardin

Since Le Bernardin is considered to be one of the best restaurants in New York, according to the New York Times, and in the world, according to the 50 best restaurants classification, it's no surprise that Martha Stewart has been able to spare a few kind words for this New York establishment, which she called an "incredible restaurant" on her Instagram post about attending Le Bernardin's 50th-anniversary celebration last year.

In particular, Martha gushed about the "tuna foie gras, langoustines, monkfish, halibut, and signature desserts along with delicious wines!" Last-minute reservations are not easy to get, but if you check back on the first day of every month, you might be able to snag a table at a decent hour without too much of a fight.

Le Bernardin

(212) 554-1515

155 W. 51st St., New York, NY 10019

5. abcV

Vegan and vegetarian restaurants are having a moment, especially since the venerable Eleven Madison Park turned plant-based back in 2021, all but solidifying the trend. But when Martha Stewart wants her fix of plant-forward meals, she appears to prefer AbcV, led by chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, whose cuisine she has praised on more than one occasion, telling The Cut, for example, that she loves his restaurants.

Indeed, abcV is a fabulous choice for enjoying dinner with friends, especially if some of them are vegan. Although some dishes do contain dairy or eggs, most are entirely vegan, with a focus on sustainably farmed plant-based ingredients that are combined in inventive and creative ways. Take, for instance, the whole roasted cauliflower with turmeric tahini, za'atar, pomegranate, and pistachio. There is so much flavor packed in there that you won't be left wanting.


(212) 358-0688

38 E. 19th St., New York, NY 10003

6. Nobu

Nobu, which has outposts across the U.S. and around the world, is an all-time Martha Stewart favorite. We know this because in 2017 she told the Observer that she has "visited pretty much all of his restaurants so far, so obviously I'm a big fan."

In fact, she's such a consummate supporter of Nobu, that she even has access to the secret menu at Nobu New York Fifty Seven, from which she likes to order the sukiyaki with Wagyu beef. "It's just incredible," she says on her website, "and so, so tender." If you want to try this elusive dish, be sure to check with the restaurant before you go. While it's not always on the menu, it can sometimes be pre-ordered, as Martha Stewart does.


(212) 757-3000

40 W. 57th St., New York, NY 10019

7. Kasia's Deli

Martha Stewart is a busy woman, which is why it's understandable that when she travels for work and gets hungry, she'll want to grab something quick and on the go. Even so, she's not likely to compromise her culinary integrity and stop at a regular fast-food chain or eat something that is sub-par in any way. This is why when she's in Chicago, she heads to Kasia's Deli, per her website.

In particular, Martha likes to partake of the pierogi, which is a specialty at this eatery run by Polish immigrant Kazimiera Bober, known as Kasia. Other delectable selections, prepared fresh on a daily basis, include the stuffed cabbage with mushroom and pork, and the matzo ball soup for cold days — or Passover. And if you can't make it to Kasia's directly, know that it ships to any address in the U.S.

Kasia's Deli

(773) 486-7500

2101 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL 60622

8. Bar Masa

Martha Stewart told Conde Nast Traveler in July that Bar Masa is one of her two favorite restaurants in New York City for Japanese comfort food. She especially likes "to try the miso soup in those restaurants, sometimes with clams, sometimes with just tofu. I always order the oshinko because I love oshinko and as much of the delicious fish that they serve as possible."

All this is well and good, but let us examine for a moment what Martha means by comfort food. Typically, this term conjures thoughts of something warm and fuzzy, like fried chicken or a bowl of noodles, but for Martha, apparently, it is more synonymous with fancy omakase and $60 rice dishes. Nothing wrong with that as long as the food is good, and, at Bar Masa, it certainly is.

Bar Masa

(212) 823-9800

10 Columbus Circle, Time Warner Center 4th Floor, New York, NY 10019

9. Barney Greengrass

In her interviews, Martha Stewart talks a lot about her busy lifestyle and her need for grabbing quick lunches. One place where she grabs such victuals is Barney Greengrass, on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. It's where, as she told Conde Nast Traveler, she stops by on her way home for "one of the best bagel, cream cheese, and smoked salmon sandwiches," adding that "their chopped liver on rye is good, too."

This may seem surprising for a high-class lady like Martha Stewart, but despite being a deli, Barney Greengrass is no slouch in the food department. It is a Michelin guide restaurant, which explains that "cured and smoked fish, as well as deli items may be the classic order, but they also serve a terrific breakfast." In other words, Barney Greengrass is the place to be, whether Martha Stewart says so or not.

Barney Greengrass

(212) 724-4707

541 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY 10024

10. Rawley's Drive-in

According to Martha Stewart's Instagram post, Rawley's Drive-in located in Fairfield, Connecticut has the "best best best hot dogs!" This is why it was so sad to see that the joint was closed on the day Martha posted this comment, suggesting she was thwarted in her attempt to quell her craving for the delicacy.

This doesn't have to happen to you. Just head over sometime between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. any day except for Sunday, and order Martha's favorite, the Works, which is a hot dog that comes with mustard, sauerkraut, bacon, and relish. If that doesn't fill you up, you also have burgers, fries, a vegetarian burger, and much more to choose from. All of them are good and worth the trip. Not for nothing, Martha has featured this restaurant on The Martha Stewart Show.

Rawley's Drive-in

(203) 259-9023

1886 Post Road, Fairfield, CT 06824

11. The Downyflake

When Martha Stewart is in Nantucket, she likes to head to The Downyflake for some waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, per Martha Stewart online. Although the place is primarily known for its donuts, you have to know a thing or two about cooking to make those puffy little delights, so it's not too much of a stretch to assume that they also make great waffles.

But don't let Martha influence you too much here. Feel free to order the waffles, of course, but when in Rome, do as the Romans do, so go ahead and indulge in those famous donuts. The place has been making them for almost 90 years, so it would be a shame to miss out on the opportunity. The apple cider donuts are an all-time favorite during the fall season, while sugar-coated and chocolate-covered donuts are great year-round classics.

The Downyflake

(508) 228-4533

18 Sparks Ave., Nantucket, MA 02554

12. Bob's Clam Hut

One of the places Martha Stewart likes to travel to often is Maine. In fact, she seems to enjoy it so much she actually has a house there, along with a few favorite local eateries. One place that deserves a special mention is Bob's Clam Hut, in Kittery, where Martha Stewart likes to order the lobster roll, according to the Portsmouth Herald — because what else would it be, in a place like Maine?

Nevertheless, as this is a clam hut after all, we think it may be worth also trying the clams while you're there. They come in all shapes, sizes, and preparations, and whole clams are priced according to daily market rates, which is a telltale sign that these clams are as fresh as can be.

Bob's Clam Hut

(207) 439-4233

315 US-1, Kittery, ME 03904

13. Cholo Soy Cocina

If you needed proof that Martha Stewart enjoys all types of cuisines, as long as the food is good, Cholo Soy Cocina in Palm Beach is it, according to her site. Her love of Japanese food, and especially sushi, is well documented, while she's clearly got Italian and French cooking covered in her own kitchen. But now we know that Martha Stewart also loves Latin flavors, which is what she gets whenever she stops at this charming street food locale.

And this is no ordinary Latin kitchen. As the website explains, "We source our fish locally and filet in house, we smoke our own meat, serve up fresh made tortillas, and dream up our spot-on sauces in-house." Any place could make such lofty claims for the purposes of marketing its product, but if Martha Stewart has given her seal of approval to this place, we think it's safe to say that every word is true.

Cholo Soy Cocina

(561) 619-7018

3715 S. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, FL 33405

14. Buccan

When Martha Stewart chose to host a South Beach Wine and Food Festival dinner at Buccan, in Palm Beach, in 2020, she made it more than clear that she appreciates the restaurant's cuisine, saying that Buccan's chef, Clay Conley, "is best known for his small plates and big flavors," as reported by The Palm Beach Post. High praise from a woman who has made a highly successful career out of big flavors.

Indeed, Buccan can hold its own even without Stewart's endorsement, which of course doesn't hurt. Chef Clay is a James Beard Award finalist, and the restaurant makes sure to source top-quality ingredients in order to create those famous big flavors. See for yourself by ordering the tuna crisps, a popular choice, before sampling the sweet corn agnolotti or spicy pork taco.


(561) 833-3450

350 S. County Road, Palm Beach, FL 33480

15. La Goulue

Sometimes, when we're not hungry enough for a full meal, it's best to skip right to dessert. This seems to be Martha Stewart's philosophy as well, or at least it was on a recent trip to La Goulue, in Palm Beach, where she ordered crème brulée with mint and strawberry and vanilla profiteroles with chocolate sauce and toasted almonds — all consumed after a token simple salad, for good measure.

That is not to say that the food at La Goulue isn't worth sampling. It's just that the desserts really take the cake. Indeed, as The Palm Beach Post reported, Martha said that "everything was so delicious." So if dessert is what you're after, head to La Goulue and follow in Martha's footsteps, or order the Crêpes Suzette, another popular choice.

La Goulue

(561) 284-6292

288 South County Rd., Palm Beach, FL 33480

16. Tartine Bakery

When in San Francisco, Martha Stewart sometimes visits Tartine Bakery, at least according to an X (formerly Twitter) post of hers, where she explained that "hot from the oven sugar buns [are] my favorite at Tartine." On that same trip, she also posted that Tartine's ham and cheese croissant is "worth the wait."

Frankly, these accolades don't surprise us, and Martha Stewart's praise of the place only confirms what many people already know about Tartine Bakery, which is that it is wonderful in every way. Crowds line up at the door just to get a whiff of what's being cooked up inside, while professional and amateur reviewers alike continually give the place top marks. Indeed, the ham and cheese croissants aren't the only baked goods at Tartine that are worth the wait. Anything that comes out of their ovens is going to be heavenly.

Tartine Bakery

(415) 487-2600

600 Guerrero St., San Francisco, CA 94110

17. Mission Chinese

Mission Chinese is an institution in the Mission District of San Francisco. Locals line up outside for a spot, while tourists come from all over to sample this unique take on Sichuan cuisine.

Martha Stewart, apparently, was among them on one evening back in 2011, when waiters "kept bringing out the most delicious food," as she told Refinery29. Her favorite of all happened to be the giant veal, which was apparently organic to boot. She also had high praise for the custard and tofu as well as the pickles. Although Mission Chinese locations in New York City have shut down after about a decade of operating in the city, we can take heart that the original iteration of the restaurant is still alive and well out in San Francisco.

Mission Chinese

(415) 863-2800

2234 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94110

18. Don Angie

Martha Stewart told the New York Post that Don Angie, in The Village, is her "hot spot" for Italian food, words that we simply cannot ignore. This Michelin-starred restaurant boasts an elegant dining room and sophisticated ambiance, both of which just scream Martha Stewart, except in hushed tones, because this place is nothing if not proper.

Although this place bills itself as Italian-American, which is true in many ways, it is also not averse to incorporating elements of the cuisine of other cultures. This is exemplified by the BBQ calamari with herbed labneh or the Japanese sweet potatoes with sumac. Maybe this isn't the place to go when you want a traditional plate of Nonna's pasta, but you certainly won't get a bad meal here.

Don Angie

(212) 889-8884

103 Greenwich Ave., New York, NY 10014

19. Perry St

In an interview with the New York Post, Martha Stewart called Perry St, in the West Village in New York, one of her favorite restaurants. This spot is a Jean-Georges creation, which he founded with his son Cedric, who heads up the kitchen here.

The menu is packed with French, Italian, and Asian influences, as represented for instance by the butter-poached lobster with lemongrass kaffir broth. Globalization at its best. But this eatery can do more than just fill your belly nicely. It will also give your eyes something to do as you spoon Thai spiced broccoli soup into your mouth. The restaurant, on actual Perry Street, hence the name, is close enough to the Hudson to offer views of beautiful sunsets, right over the water. Come for lunch, dinner, brunch, or even Thanksgiving.

Perry St

(212) 352-1900

176 Perry St., New York, NY 10014