The NYC Restaurant Martha Stewart Thinks Is A Can't Miss

New York City is home to some of the most renowned restaurants in the world. From the inexpensive but iconic Katz' Deli to the pricey Russian Tea Room to the impossible Rao's, dining in the Big Apple is never boring. Many eateries have existed for decades and have played host to celebrities, food critics, tourists, and locals alike. The city that never sleeps is a favorite of foodies for many reasons, most notably because you can find virtually any type of cuisine your heart desires. However, aside from a small percentage, the turnover rate is high: Business Insider reported in 2011 that restaurants in the area had an 80% "fail rate."

The restaurant industry in general is no piece of cake. The operating costs are high, retaining employees can be difficult, and the competition is stiff. VinePair said that in 2021, there were over 8,200 restaurants in the five boroughs of New York. Even for the eight and a half million people living there, that is a lot of choices — and most of them don't survive. For the lucky few that thrive, they often receive great reviews from high profile publications, employ a gifted and lauded chef that may have reached celebrity status, and have a loyal following. It also doesn't hurt when big names give them a nod on social media. 

Martha Stewart isn't shy about sharing her dining experiences with her 1.7 million Instagram followers and recently gushed about one of Manhattan's most notorious seafood restaurants.

A French seafood restaurant

Le Bernardin is not just one of the best fine dining restaurants in New York City, but, arguably, the world. The recipient of three Michelin stars and numerous 4-star reviews from the New York Times, the restaurant has remained at the top of its game practically from its start. Virtually a symbol of the city itself, Le Bernardin did not originate in Manhattan. Maguy and Gilbert Le Coze opened the restaurant in Paris' Left Bank in 1972, according to The Wall Street Journal. The siblings expanded the restaurant under the same name to New York in 1986 where it was an almost instant success, drawing in some of the most famous actors and celebs of that time. Eric Ripert, Le Bernardin's current co-owner, began working at the restaurant in 1991 and became executive chef three years later.

The Robb Report notes that Le Bernardin hosted a dinner celebrating its 50th anniversary in November 2022 and opened it to anyone who could afford the $1,000 per person price tag and who was lucky enough to score a reservation. Among those guests was Martha Stewart, who posted photos of the meal, which included tuna foie gras, several fish and shellfish dishes, desserts, and wines. 

For a woman who has likely dined out at many more places than the average American and who has established a cooking empire, it's safe to assume that people won't be disappointed if they follow her urge to check out the restaurant.