Martha Stewart's Grits Feature An Unexpected Tomato Addition

Grits with tomato and cheese is not a new combo, but Martha Stewart takes this classic to a whole new level with the simple addition of topping it with broiled tomato slices. Grits are a type of cornmeal made from ground corn. At their most basic, they are transformed into a creamy, thick porridge with the simple addition of water. Their subtle and mild flavor makes them the perfect canvas for richer ingredients like milk, butter, cheese, tomatoes, and bacon which Stewart takes full advantage of with her take on this Southern staple.

Per her website, the domestic goddess uses cheddar and butter to create a velvety taste and texture with her grits. She fries up thick slices of diced bacon that she parcels out over individual portions of cheesy grits and then tops it with a broiled tomato. This is different from those tomato and grits recipes that call for the tomatoes to be mixed directly into the grits. Broiling the tomatoes will really bring out their sweetness and make them soft and a little sticky. They complement the cheesy grits and salty bacon, perfectly. 

No pre-cooked bacon

Stewart notes that you can use thinner slices of bacon and crumble it over the individual portions of grits, but cautions against buying pre-cooked bacon bits because it is just as easy to fry it yourself, not to mention the aroma of freshly fried bacon is beyond compare. After the bacon has been cooked and drained, she places a spoonful onto each ramekin of grits before topping it with a broiled tomato slice and more cheddar cheese. She pops it back under the broiler until the juicy tomato is covered in a drift of bubbling, melted cheese. It looks delish, but you will need to let it cool for a few minutes before digging in.

The grits will absorb all those sweet and savory flavors from the tomato and the bacon which makes for a delicious bite. Stewart explains when you make grits, you want to constantly stir them so they will be free of lumps. If you really want to make this your own, you can swap cheddar cheese and instead use parmesan or gouda. Both pair nicely with the tomato and add salty and nutty tastes.