The Underrated Buttercream That Can Be Slathered On Almost Any Dessert

When it comes to adding satisfying sweet texture to desserts and baked goods, a thick slather of frosting can take even the simplest of recipes to new heights. Yet while classic vanilla buttercream and chocolate frostings can be easy dessert decorations, switching up usual recipes with pipings and swashes of white chocolate frosting can offer a satisfying edge for those willing to break out of culinary routine. While basic buttercream has its place, white chocolate buttercream can lend unique twists to cupcakes, cakes, and loaves of bread that call for a creamy decorative flair.

White chocolate delivers a flavor profile that provides luxurious sweetness while also offering an aesthetically neutral slate for bakers and pastry chefs to work with. Without cacao and the richness that standard chocolate frostings provide, white chocolate frosting recipes have room to step up to the plate and turn dials when it comes to building delicious desserts.

Pairing taste and texture for pleasing desserts

Made up of cocoa butter, milk, sweeteners, and other flavorings, white chocolate is an ideal match for fruits, nuts, and buttery biscuits and breads. Because white chocolate does not contain cocoa solids or nibs, adding shavings of chocolate or sprinkles of chocolate chips can amplify a dessert's sweetness when smoothing buttercream frosting on top of your treats. 

When using white chocolate frosting to decorate desserts, think about the overall taste profile of your recipes so that you can match the flavors of the ingredients used. The velvety aspect of white chocolate can pair well with spices like cardamon and ginger, while lavender and basil can combine to make intriguing palates. Consider using white chocolate frosting on coffee and espresso-based desserts, buttery shortbreads, and flourless chocolate cakes. Cakes, cupcakes, and mousses made with fruity liqueurs also play well with the velvety taste of white chocolate, and more savory recipes made with mascarpone and cream cheese can benefit from spreads of creamy white chocolate frosting. For more complex presentations, use white chocolate frosting as a base and drizzle layers of dark or milk chocolate syrup on top for an added touch of chocolate detail.