Bacon-Wrapped Green Beans Are An Elevated Take On The Iconic Pair

Anything wrapped in bacon tastes better. An absolute flavor bomb, a strip of the salty and savory delight can transform even the dullest of ingredients — enter blanched green beans. Unlike crumbling bacon over beans, wrapping the long and skinny spears into savory little bundles delivers a definitive wow factor. Since our eyes are the first to eat, this visually stunning take on bacon and green beans gives the classic duo the makeover it rightfully deserves, and we couldn't be more thrilled.

Green beans tend to taste grassy and vegetal, with a delicate sweetness. Bacon is instead decadent and loaded with umami, boasting a subtle smokiness. While these ingredients couldn't seem more different, it's their varied profiles that make them an iconic pairing. Balancing one another on gustatory and textural levels, slightly softened beans bring a level of freshness, whereas crunchy bacon strips amp up richness. Naturally, it's only fair that these flavorful ingredients are presented in a way that showcases their greatness, which is why we're fans of bean bundles.

Crafting tasty little bundles requires a few steps, but the effort is worth it. Start by adding strips of bacon to a sheet pan, cooking just partially. In the meantime briefly boil and blanch your green beans. Once the bacon is out of the oven, place several beans at the end of a strip and roll until wrapped. Add the bean bundle to a pan (seam-side down), and roast until the bacon is crispy and the beans have caramelized slightly.

How to make bacon-wrapped bean bundles even better

Before you begin wrapping, make sure you're using the best ingredients. For starters, always opt for haricots verts. Also known as French beans, they're sweeter in addition to being thinner and more tender, which means they'll cook faster and result in better textures. By the same ideology, stay away from thick-cut bacon. Regular slices will crisp up the best. That said, you can still experiment with varieties that are encrusted in peppercorns, maple flavored, or applewood smoked.

Likewise, although bean bundles are great on their own, there's an opportunity to further enhance flavor. As you wrap up the bundles, you could easily add in a piece of gooey cheese, a spoonful of sweet caramelized shallots, or some crunchy sliced almonds. Alternatively, sprinkle the bacon bundles with seasonings prior to roasting. Brown sugar, cayenne, hickory seasoning, garlic powder, or chopped rosemary will all work well. You could even brush a simple glaze over top for a deliciously lacquered look.

As for how to serve these bacon-wrapped green beans, they make a fantastic side for all sorts of protein whether that be a grilled steak, poached fish, or roasted chicken. Otherwise, you can make them the main attraction and pair with slices of pillowy focaccia, a salad of peppery greens, or buttery mashed potatoes. The choice is yours when it comes to how you enjoy bacon-wrapped green bean bundles!