Add A Spritz Of Lemon Juice To Rice To Prevent Clumping

Unless you're making sushi or rice pudding, having sticky rice isn't preferred. Be it fried rice or jambalaya, being able to taste and feel every last fluffy grain of rice is ideal. To prevent your rice from sticking together, add a splash of lemon juice for separation before you boil it.

Squeezing the tart juice into the water before putting it on the fire will prevent the grains from adhering to each other. If you're scared of your dish turning out like lemon rice, don't fret — a small amount won't give you zesty rice. Add around a teaspoon of lemon juice to the rice to keep the grains separated without altering the flavor.

On top of stopping rice from clumping together, lemon juice has a host of other benefits for the beloved grain. The citrus makes rice look brighter and is said to enhance the texture of the grain, as well. A dash of lemon juice can go a long way for a pot of rice. But if you don't have it on hand, there are other ways to stop rice from grouping together.

Use these methods to stop rice from sticking together

Having fluffy rice that doesn't glue to one another could be as simple as rinsing the grains prior to cooking. While it's something that many cultures already engage in, some people think that washing the rice makes no impact. However, there's starch on the surface of each grain that causes them to adhere to each other. Before putting it on the fire, rinse the rice until the water runs clear.

Adding oil to rice comes with a multitude of benefits: It can increase the good cholesterol in rice and amp up the nutty flavor of the grain. Most of all, it works to separate grains of rice. Olive oil lubricates the rice, keeping them apart. It also infuses the rice with flavor while giving it moisture, elevating your rice dishes.

Oil and vinegar may not mix, but the latter can stave off sticky rice, as well. A splash of the acid helps to break down starches in the rice, which causes them to gum together. Similarly to lemon juice, add a teaspoon for the perfect rice without the sour taste.