Spatulas Are The Perfect Tool For Removing Skin From Fish With Ease

One of the most tedious tasks when it comes to enjoying a roasted or grilled fish is removing the skin. If you're not careful, you could accidentally rough up your fish and be left with a less-than-appetizing-looking meal. Or, you could mistakenly burn yourself when attempting to remove the skin from a hot fish. Luckily you don't have to struggle to remove this layer; all you need for easy skin removal are two spatulas. And while they don't necessarily have to be fish spatulas, you may find it easier if at least one of them is specifically for fish.

If you're grilling your fish, wait until the side with the skin has cooked through. Then, when you flip the fish, you can use one of the spatulas to hold the fish in place and one to gently remove the skin. For the removal, slide the edge of your spatula between the fish and the skin and slowly lift it away. Don't force it if the skin feels stuck; let the fish cook some more so it becomes looser.

If you cook your fish in the oven, you can cook it on a sheet of foil with the skin side down and when the fish finishes roasting, simply slide the spatula under again to separate the meat from the skin. For the best results, make sure your fish has cooked through enough that the skin has begun to slightly lift off the filet.

Another hack to remove the skin

A popular hack that took the internet by storm a while ago was to use boiling water to separate the fish and the skin. This hack requires a few more tools but is perfect for removing the skin before you start cooking the fish. You'll need a wire rack, a dish to catch the runoff, and boiling water. Place your fish with the skin side up on the wire rack with some sort of dish to catch the water drippings underneath. From there you'll boil a small amount of water, and once the water is hot enough, you'll slowly pour it over the fish.

Let the hot water work its magic for a minute before you start trying to peel. You should be able to see the edges of the fish skin begin to lift and curl up away from the fish. You can then slowly peel the skin from the fish. If you feel resistance, pause and pour more hot water over the skin and resume slowly. This hack is great for dishes that require cubed or fried pieces of fish.