The Sugary Tip To Eliminate A Fishy Taste In Tuna Salad

As protein-packed and healthy as a can of tuna might be, the fish product also carries a noticeable flavor that just isn't for every palate. Even with all of the ingredient variations you can use to make a tuna salad, the strong fish flavor can overpower the simplest tuna salad or sandwich recipe, leaving eaters to push unfinished plates off to the side.

From mayo and spices to capers and freshly chopped herbs, it can admittedly take a significant amount of even the most flavorful ingredients to level up a basic serving of pre-packaged tuna. Fortunately, a spoonful of sugar can help make the tuna go down easier, and it may even leave you wanting more. As simple as it sounds, adding a sprinkle of sugar to your canned fish can help diminish the more pungent flavors for which tuna is known — but not always loved — while letting the other ingredients in your salad and sandwich recipes shine.

Amping up flavor with a touch of sweetness

In much the same way that incorporating sweet relish or pickles into your tuna-based recipes can give them a tangy kick, adding sugar to tuna can brighten your next spruced-up tuna salad and make it an enjoyable meal for even the most tuna-averse diners at your table. If using canned tuna isn't your jam, try sprinkling a bit of sugar on the next fish fillet you make at home. This addition will help you set a crisper, moist main dish onto plates, and the taste will convince you to give other sugar-enhanced tuna recipes a try.

Once you've experimented with including basic sugar in your fishy recipes, try using brown sugar to bring a warm, caramelized sweetness to your tuna-based dishes. If you're trying to avoid sugar in your diet completely, reach for a drizzle of molasses instead, or choose a thicker, sweet balsamic to top your plates of tuna salad. With these few tricks up your sleeve, a gourmet-tasting, tuna-based meal will be yours to enjoy.