Serve Tuna On Crispy Rice For The Ultimate Bite Of Luxury

Crispy rice at the bottom of the pot is a delicacy worth fighting over. Whether it's a perfect socarrat under paella or the golden crisp tahdig under a Persian pilaf, learning to get the texture of rice just right is a trick worth learning. The good news is you don't have to work all that hard to get a crispy sheet of rice that's just the right base for a bite of tuna on top, just like you might find in a restaurant. Slightly chewy on the inside and crunchy outside, these rice bites have a savory, toasty flavor that is so cravable you'll want to serve them often.

The crunchy rice bits start as regular short-grained rice, cooked as usual. Season it like sushi rice for additional flavor with a bit of rice wine vinegar and sugar — or try cooking the rice in white wine for a twist — and then press it flat in a pan and refrigerate overnight. When the rice is cold, cut it into bite-size squares and pan-fry them until brown and crisp.

Top them off with tuna

Using tuna to adorn the crisp rice is a fun play on sushi that couldn't be easier. Sliced sushi-grade raw tuna draped over the rice squares with a bit of Japanese mayonnaise is classic, or try finely chopped fish mixed with mayo and sriracha for a spicy flare. Even convenient canned tuna would be fabulous as a topper – use the spicy mayo blend and top with sesame seeds and minced green onions.

You could pre-assemble the tuna and rice bites for a party, but for a fun and interactive appetizer, consider laying out the ingredients and allowing your guests to mix and match as they choose. You could include a selection of diced avocado, cilantro microgreens, black sesame seeds, chili crisp, or fried shallots to go with the fresh or canned fish. Experiment with each bite to find the combination your palate craves — it's hard to go wrong no matter how you mix it.