English Cucumbers Are The Perfect Swap To Combat Soggy Sandwiches

For many of us, a sandwich isn't complete unless it has some kind of crunchy element to it. For some people, this means adding potato chips to the sandwich, but for others (anyone who prefers to stick to traditional sandwich ingredients) this means reaching for a cucumber to get that sought-after crunch. However, if you use regular cucumbers, you run the risk of making your sandwich soggy, given their high water content. Luckily, there's an easy solution for this: Swap the regular cucumber for English cucumbers.

It may not seem like it will make much of a difference — aren't all cucumbers basically the same? We've found that when we make our go-to loaded sprouts and avocado sandwich, English cucumbers are actually less watery. With this preferred veggie option, the sandwich is given a crunch to accompany the soft texture of the avocado, tomato, and hummus — without the risk of the sandwich getting too soggy.

Sandwich ideas for crunchy cucumbers

There are plenty of other sandwiches out there that could use an extra crunch. Take a turkey club, for example. Unless you're using super crunchy lettuce, such as romaine, then you may be in need of a cucumber addition to add in that texture. We also like to make turkey sandwiches with pepper jack and barbecue chips. While the barbecue chips are there to provide the crunch, you could easily replace them with cucumber if you want to be a bit healthier or if you'd rather just enjoy the chips on their own as a side.

Another classic sandwich that could use the benefit of an English cucumber is the BLT. Like with the turkey club, whether or not it's already crunchy depends on what kind of lettuce you're using. Your bacon may be crispy, but it doesn't give the same crunchy bite that a cucumber does. By adding in cucumber slices, you're free to opt for a softer lettuce, such as butterhead, or you could even switch it up and replace typical lettuce with something like arugula or a spring mix.