Starbucks' Secret Menu Nutcracker Frappuccino Is Sweeter Than A Sugarplum

There's no greater time to try one of Starbucks' secret menu creations than the holiday season. And, if you're looking to get into the Christmas spirit, try ordering the Nutcracker Frappuccino. Amongst other holiday concoctions like the Candy Cane Cold Brew and the Grinch Frappuccino, this beverage combines fruity, nutty, and chocolatey flavors to create a tasty and aesthetically pleasing Christmas treat.

Per Totally the Bomb, here's how to order it: Ask for a grande Strawberry Crème Frappuccino with extra strawberry purée, then swap out the two pumps of classic syrup for two pumps of toffee nut syrup. Finally, request whipped cream on the top and bottom of the cup, and add chocolate curls and the red holiday sprinkle topping on top. 

You won't get any caffeine in this crème-based Frappuccino, but you will get a fun beverage that makes the perfect accompaniment for a day of Christmas shopping or ice skating. And, even if you don't get to sample traditional sugar plums this holiday season, this drink is sweet enough to make up for it.

How to customize your Nutcracker Frappuccino

If you've downloaded the Starbucks app, you'll still need to go in-person to order your Nutcracker Frappuccino, mostly just to ask for the whipped cream on the bottom of the cup. From there, there are a variety of customizations you can make. Instead of toffee nut syrup, why not ask for hazelnut or chestnut praline syrup? This drink is based on "The Nutcracker," after all, so feel free to switch up the nutty element to your favorite (and roasted chestnuts are the ultimate Christmas snack). 

You can also swap out either of the toppings, or add onto them, with the inclusion of the chestnut praline topping — which will give you sugar spiced with cinnamon, ginger, and clove, along with toffee sugar that pairs perfectly with the toffee nut syrup. And, in the spirit of sugar plums — which are a combination of dried fruit, nuts, and spices — add a pump of cinnamon dolce syrup or a shake of cinnamon powder on top.

As with most Starbucks beverages, you can also switch up the milk type depending on your preferences. Like all Frappuccinos, the base drink comes with whole milk, but feel free to replace it with nonfat, 2%, oat, soy, almond, or any other option. In the same vein, you can also request light or extra whipped cream. There are quite a few ways to order this Nutcracker Frappuccino, but they'll all give you a festive drink reminiscent of Christmas.