Use A Spiralizer On Potatoes To Give Latkes A Unique Presentation Upgrade

With Hanukkah right around the corner, it is time to pull out your favorite classic latke recipe and start preparing. After so many years of grating potatoes, though, you may be wondering if there is a way to switch up your annual latke serving that will both speed up the process and bring a little something special to the plate. The answer may already be in your kitchen; we recommend using a spiralizer on your potatoes to give them a jazzy new shape and texture.

Traditional latkes consist primarily of shredded potatoes, similar to hash browns. This makes them easy to mold into a patty and gives them their famous crispy edges; however, it is also a lot of hard work and does not always result in an aesthetically pleasing pancake. Using a spiralizer effortlessly gives you long ribbons of potato with far less elbow grease and in much less time than using a box grater. Once these ribbons are prepared, all you have to do is pile a few in on themselves to create a round latke with a gorgeous swirling pattern. Not only are these latkes visually stunning, but they also retain that golden brown crisp on the exterior and the famously tender interior we all know and love.

How to elevate spiralized latkes

In order to maximize your success when attempting this twist on latkes, there are several steps you can take. First is to be sure to place your freshly spiralized potato ribbons into cold water as you create them. This will prevent the potatoes from turning brown due to oxidation; just be sure to squeeze the water out when you're ready to fry them. Additionally, don't hesitate to spiralize the onions that are included in classic latkes — this will make them more cohesive with the new texture and shape.

Once your pretty potato pancakes are on a plate, there are many ways to further enhance their appeal with the use of creative condiments and garnishes. While the classic combo of applesauce and sour cream is more than acceptable, we also recommend adding a sprig of dill for added color and flavor. Alternatively, you can give your latkes a more Swedish lean with the addition of crispy bacon and a dollop of beautifully bright lingonberry jam.