A Bit Of Lime Juice Brings Out The Flavor Of Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is beautiful on its own, but its taste can be greatly improved with a little lime juice. When you slice open its flower-like exterior, the white flesh speckled with black seeds gives off a cookies and cream ice cream vibe. However, this fruit's taste is a far cry from that favorite dessert. Once it's ripe, it has a subtle flavor that is somewhere between a kiwi and pear. It's mildly sweet and offers a pop of tart flavor without being overwhelming, yet it still feels like it is missing something. Enter the lime. 

Drizzle or squirt some lime juice directly over your dragon fruit, and you will find a balance of taste that will have you eating this fruit that hails from a cactus a little more frequently. Why lime juice? This citrus is refreshing and enhances the tangy nature of a dragon fruit without clashing or drastically altering its beauty. It doesn't take a lot of lime juice to round out dragon fruit's taste, and once you've figured out how much lime juice is needed to satisfy and satiate your tongue, you can use it in a variety of ways.

How to use dragon fruit with lime

When it comes to using lime-enhanced dragon fruit, you could add it to salads, where it adds a soft yet slightly crunchy texture. It works beautifully with a mixture of leafy greens that embody milder flavors. Red and green leaf lettuces work well, or baby spinach is also a great option if that's what you have on hand.

One of the most popular ways to enjoy dragon fruit is to transform it into a delicious drink. Dragon fruit and lime juice can easily be whipped into a smoothie, but this combo also makes for one heck of a limeade. Simply juice the dragon fruit and the lime, add some sugar, dilute it with a little water, and chill. It's the perfect drink on a hot day. We're also fans of turning this juice into an adult beverage with the addition of a little gin or vodka.