Martha Stewart's Sweet Addition For Meatless Stuffed Peppers

If you like your stuffed peppers free of meat, then you should try Martha Stewart's version of this dish, which she credits to her mother, Martha Kostyra. Stewart's meatless stuffed peppers have a Mediterranean vibe that is delightfully enjoyable. Using a sweet ingredient in the form of orange juice-soaked raisins, the media mogul shares on her website how she transforms this family favorite by adding not only an out-of-the-box flavor but also a chewy texture that complements the fluffy rice, which serves as the base of the filling for these peppers. 

Raisins are a common ingredient in Greek cooking and these dried fruits with hints of citrus have a meaty consistency and add a lovely bite, bringing a new and complex taste to this meal. Additionally, Stewart's peppers feature the soft crunch of a pine nut and the taste of onions and shallots, along with a little thyme and basil for a herby flavor. Together, the ingredients she uses to create her meatless stuffed peppers create a rich balance of sweet and savory that is unique and delicious.

Soaking is important

Stuffed peppers allow for a lot of creativity. What you will love about Stewart's take on this classic is they can be served hot or cold and will taste equally amazing. However, raisins aren't the only dried fruit you could use in a meatless bell pepper recipe. Dried apricots are also a sweet addition and can change up your taste bud's expectations or even dried cranberries.

If you are going to work with dried fruits and add them to the stuffing for your bell peppers, soak the dried fruit in a liquid like orange or apple juice before adding them to the mix is mission critical, otherwise they will siphon off and suck up the moisture of other ingredients, resulting in a dry end product. Dried fruits usually require about an hour in these liquid baths, so be sure to plan accordingly. Additionally, if you are substituting dried fruit for fresh fruit in your stuffed pepper, remember a little goes a long way. A quart cup of dried fruit is equal to a cup of fresh.