You Only Need 2 Ingredients To Transform Blue Cheese Into A Savory Sauce

Blue cheese is a crumbly, funky, and sophisticated ingredient that elevates everything from salads to filet mignons. Since it's a soft and creamy cheese, it doesn't take much to turn it into a rich and velvety sauce. Cream and Worcestershire sauce are the only two ingredients you need.

Cream will temper blue cheese's strength with a rich dairy flavor while providing a thicker liquid to create the perfect consistency. Worcestershire sauce is a highly complex flavoring agent that imparts a concentration of multiple ingredients in every drop. For example, you'll get a fishy and funky umami flavor, followed by rich molasses, and finished with a tangy spice from the tamarind, aromatics, and spices. Worcestershire sauce thus provides parallel and complementary flavors to enhance and complement blue cheese in a rich sauce.

It only takes minutes to combine blue cheese, cream, and Worcestershire sauce into a flavorful blue cheese sauce. Tasting Table recipe creator Leah Maroney uses butter and garlic as an aromatic foundation to start a blue cheese sauce. After heating a pan and frying the garlic, add cream and sprinkle in chunks of blue cheese. After the blue cheese breaks down, add a dash of Worcestershire sauce and bring the mixture to a low boil for three minutes to integrate the flavors and thicken.

Ways to upgrade and use blue cheese sauce

While blue cheese only needs Worcestershire sauce and cream to create a luscious and flavorful sauce, you can build upon this foundation with spices, herbs, aromatics, or other more substantial ingredients. For example, fry onions in butter until browned and caramelized to add sweetness to the funky savoriness of the other ingredients in this sauce. Acidic herbs like tart sorrel, French parsley, or tarragon will stand up to and balance the flavor of blue cheese in a sauce as they would on a cheese plate.

If you want a more savory sauce, add sauteed mushrooms; it helps create the perfect umami-rich sauce to pour over a steak or burger. You could also use it as a sophisticated substitute for Alfredo sauce served over fettucini. Alternatively, pour blue cheese sauce over roasted potatoes or French fries to complement their earthiness.

A drizzle of creamy and rich blue cheese sauce over a homemade pizza would be an instant upgrade. Or, substitute a homemade blue cheese sauce for blue cheese dressing and use it for dipping spicy buffalo wings. Finally, a thin layer of blue cheese sauce spread over slices of toasted baguette with fig spread, chopped bacon, and a crumble of walnuts provides a tasty way to elevate dinner parties or cocktail hour celebrations.