Trader Joe's Frozen Dumplings In Quick Broth Is The Dinner Hack You Need

Trader Joe's affordability and unique offerings have consistently made it one of America's favorite grocery stores. With the absolute best snacks a grocery store can provide and incredible seasonal products, who wouldn't keep coming back? But out of everything, the crown jewel of TJ's just might be its frozen food aisle, which is where you can find its Steamed Pork and Ginger Soup Dumplings.

In a viral TikTok shared by Erin O'Brien, she demonstrates how Trader Joe's dumplings can be enhanced in just five minutes. While Trader Joe's frozen food is good enough on its own to rival home cooking, O'Brien elevates the dumplings by adding in chicken broth, soy sauce, sliced green onions, roasted sesame seeds, and chili crisp.

The peppery, ginger broth in the dumplings mingles with the rest of the ingredients, yielding a comforting, fiery dish that tastes like it took way more than five minutes to assemble. Even with Trader Joe's revolving shelf of products, the chain is sure to have dumplings and broth for a fast, savory dinner.

Try these broth and dumpling combos for dinner

Once you've microwaved pork dumplings steeped in veggie broth, mix a spoonful of miso paste into the steaming liquid and add a handful of rinsed spinach to the bowl, and allow it to wilt into the heat. Top off this umami-rich meal with sesame seeds, pickled ginger, and chopped carrots.

You could also add chicken dumplings and broth to a bowl, along with minced garlic and some chopped shiitake mushrooms. With that in the microwave for about two to three minutes, quickly cut up some chives. Sprinkle them into the soup, followed by a drizzle of sesame oil and a spoonful of Trader Joe's crunchy chili onion.

For a quick and easy plant-based meal, add the grocery chain's Thai Vegetable Gyoza to a bowl of vegetable broth and canned coconut milk. Simply place a few pieces of frozen edamame in the bowl and microwave for a few minutes and pour in some Thai-style yellow curry sauce — one of the best Trader Joe's condiments – to enjoy.