Trader Joe's New Crunchy Chili Cranberry Orange & Onion Is Just In Time For The Holidays

One of the reasons many of us enjoy grocery shopping at Trader Joe's is that it gives us the opportunity to explore the chain's wealth of rotating seasonal products. There are the highly-anticipated returning items around the holidays, like the multitude of pumpkin-and-cinnamon-laced Trader Joe's fall 2023 products, and, of course, those popular Candy Cane Joe-Joe's. Then there's the excitement of new releases, like the Crunchy Chili Cranberry Orange & Onion condiment that recently hit its shelves. 

You might've already tried the brand's traditional Crunchy Chili Onion sauce, but this new seasonal version is perfectly tailored to your holiday meals, featuring "traditional autumn flavors" that "meet smoky ancho chili," per its label. According to the Trader Joe's website, the condiment costs just $4.49 for a 5.6-ounce jar. 

So, what's in it? Its main ingredients are ancho chili pepper flakes, dried cranberries, and dehydrated onions in olive oil with dehydrated red bell peppers and brown sugar to sweeten it up a bit. The new crunchy chili oil also has crushed chili peppers, natural flavor from orange oil, salt, and paprika oleoresin, which gives it that festive orange-red color. Are your taste buds tingling? Head to your local Trader Joe's fast because it's only available for a limited time — and we have a feeling it won't last long.

How to use Trader Joe's Crunchy Chili Cranberry Orange & Onion

In case you've already snatched your jar of this exciting new release, or plan to do so soon, here are some of Trader Joe's recommendations on how to use its Crunchy Chili Cranberry Orange & Onion sauce. The grocery giant says that it's delicious served over turkey, pork roast, and prime rib, so think about serving it as a topping option on Turkey Day. Not only does it give foods a boost of flavor, but it adds texture thanks to the chili flakes and dehydrated onions, cranberries, and peppers. 

To take full advantage of its flavor and texture, Trader Joe's also suggests pairing it with sweet potatoes, roasted carrots, or baked brie. We think it's a delicious way to give an autumnal flair to those Trader Joe's frozen gyozas and dumplings that many of us buy for an easy meal. You can also use it to elevate your traditional Thanksgiving dishes like mashed potatoes or green bean casserole

In case you're wondering, a serving is 1 tablespoon, which contains 110 calories, 11 grams of fat, 2 grams of sugar, and 30 milligrams of sodium. Trader Joe's also has other new seasonal products like Thanksgiving Stuffing Flavored Popcorn, Apple Cinnamon Buns, and Holiday Cheer Unexpected Cheddar Cheese Spread just in time for the upcoming holiday season.