Save Kitchen Counter Space By Hanging Bananas On A Hook

When kitchen counter space is at a premium, hanging your bananas from a hook can help free up a little space and keep your fruit in prime condition. There are several different ways you can do this, but it ultimately depends on how permanent you want it to be. If you are in it for the long haul, you can break out the drill and install a fancy hook under your cabinets. But if you prefer something that can be moved around or that doesn't require you to make any holes in your walls or cabinets, you can also visit your favorite online shopping platform and find a removable adhesive hook.

It's important to note that when you're choosing where to hang your banana hook, you make certain it is out of reach from direct sunlight. This will cause your fruit to ripen prematurely. You also want a cool, dry spot. Once your bananas have ripened, you want to store them in the fridge to give them a little longer shelf life if you are unable to consume them in a timely manner. Once you embrace this storage-saving practice, you will find it has other benefits.

More banana hook benefits

Hanging your bananas from a hook has other practical purposes. Getting this fruit off the countertop can make them more visible, meaning you are more likely to eat them, but it also helps eliminate bruising. Bananas may have thick skins, but they are actually a little fragile and can end up with soft black spots that you don't want to eat. This generally happens if you drop one, if they aren't handled properly, or simply get pushed out of the way a little too aggressively. Suspending them from a hook means there are fewer opportunities to brush up against them brusquely, so you minimize them getting bruised or squashed.

Using a hook to hang your bananas also keeps them away from other fruits. You probably know that as bananas ripen, they release a natural gas called ethylene, but that gas can cause your other fruits to advance in their ripeness quicker than you want. While hanging them won't ultimately extend their shelf life, it will ensure their quality is prolonged and free up valuable counter space, which is reason enough to look into purchasing some hooks.