For More Decadent Latkes, Try A Whipped Goat Cheese Topping

Jewish feasts aren't just a source of sustenance and togetherness, but a beacon of symbolism and meaning. A case in point is the latke, a potato pancake fried in oil to symbolize the miraculous story of an oil-burning light that illuminated a Jewish temple for eight days. While the method for making these earthy and aromatic potato pancakes differs from family to family, sour cream and apple sauce are the traditional latke garnishes every household shares.

However, whipped goat cheese is a novel and decadent upgrade worth breaking tradition for. Goat cheese is a rich, creamy cheese known for its distinctly gamey, savory flavor, and whipping goat cheese in a food processor, mixer, or blender results in a light and fluffy consistency that will melt in your mouth. The flavor is the perfect complement to the earthy savoriness of the potato and caramelized sweetness of the onions in the latkes.

Goat cheese is widely available and comes in numerous varieties, some of which are marinated or seasoned with herbs and spices. Meanwhile, pre-seasoned, soft goat cheese is a convenient product to help you achieve a flavorful whipped dip without having to buy and add other ingredients.

Whipped goat cheese tips and flavors

Whipped goat cheese is a simple, one-bowl dip that's ready in minutes and easy to make. Furthermore, you can make whipped goat cheese as elaborate as you'd like by adding spices, herbs, sweeteners, or aromatics.

Sumptuous and comforting fried potatoes with caramelized and aromatic notes from the onions will benefit from a broad range of whipped goat cheese recipes. A blend of cracked pepper, rosemary, and a drizzle of honey would make a deliciously well-balanced profile of sweet, savory, and spicy. Lemon or orange zest, za'atar, and smoked paprika would make a bright, fragrant, and smoky whipped goat cheese. You could even combine whipped goat cheese with sour cream or yogurt to assimilate the famed Israeli and Middle Eastern mezze, labneh.

Furthermore, you can top whipped goat cheese with its garnishes for even more texture and complexity. Pine nuts and garlic chips would add crunch and a toasty nuttiness to pair with tangy goat cheese and earthy potato latkes. Sun-dried tomatoes and a drizzle of infused olive oil would amplify the savoriness of the dip and latkes with umami. For the ultimate Jewish adaptation, you can whip goat cheese with cream cheese and dill, then top it with capers and smoked salmon.