Avocado Is The Ultimate Ingredient Swap For Delicious Meat-Free Tartare

A compact meal of raw, diced tuna, tuna tartare is a great appetizer for almost any event. The mild fish is cut into cubes, tossed with a bold sauce, and shaped into a circular mound eaten with chips, crackers, or on its own. For a meat-free alternative to the classic recipe, swap out the tuna for avocado.

Whether you prefer something plant-based or simply can't get past the idea of eating raw fish, avocado serves as the perfect replacement for tuna in tartare. Both tuna and avocado have a smooth, tender texture. The two ingredients are also on the mild side — with bolder ingredients being an integral part of the tartare, swapping tuna for avocado doesn't make a large difference.

Use ripe avocados that are on the firmer side as overripe ones will turn the tartare into mush. When making avocado tartare, coat the cubes in Dijon mustard, Worcestershire sauce, capers, and green onions as an homage to classic tuna tartare. Of course, you can always switch things up to cater to avocado's buttery flavors.

Try these avocado tartare recipes

Tuna tartare is a dish that fuses multiple traditions. A popular take on it is to dress it up with Japanese flavors. Pair the avocado with cubed cucumbers and pickled ginger in soy sauce for a different take on sushi. Place the tartare on top of rice and garnish with flecks of seaweed and toasted sesame seeds.

Add diced mangoes for a sweeter take on the dish. Tangy sriracha mayo sauce and sliced jalapeños bring a kick of heat to the sweet and savory appetizer. In place of capers, use edamame when forming your avocado tartare. Eat it with a side of crunchy purple cabbage salad and pita chips.

If your mind goes to guacamole when you think of avocado, make a Tex-Mex-inspired avocado tartare dish. Combine the avocado with diced tomatoes and finely chopped red onions tossed in a mixture of lime juice and chili powder. Then, scoop up this guacamole tower with your favorite tortilla chips or tostones.