Bananas Add A Fruity Boost To Your Nutella-Stuffed French Toast

Certain mornings call for the taste of something sweet, and when it comes to making satisfying recipes that can instantly perk up those sitting around the breakfast table, French toast is tough to beat — that is until Nutella gets involved. Yet even a dish as decadent as Nutella-stuffed French toast can be enhanced, and thinly sliced bananas will do the trick with little effort required from aspiring home chefs.

The sweet freshness of the fruit can turn up the volume of tantalizing deliciousness for even a standard plate of French toast, but when mashed and spread on top of bread that has been coated with Nutella, your taste buds are in for a real wake-up call — regardless of the time of day you serve this recipe. Garnished with cinnamon, your choice of honey or maple syrup, sprinkles of chopped nuts, shavings of dark chocolate, and a light dusting of powdered sugar, this buttery, chewy meal will have you reaching for seconds without pause.

When breakfast and dessert collide

While bananas can add a sweet and subtle taste of starchy caramelization to traditional plates of French toast, feel free to think outside of the culinary recipe box and reach for your favorite fruity ingredients. Tuck fresh blueberries, strawberry compote, or homemade blackberry jam in between layers of custardy pieces of cinnamon-enhanced toast, and consider including strips of bacon for a more savory touch to an already sumptuous meal.

If you're a fan of adding pieces of sliced bananas to your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, however, inviting the fruit into your next plate of French toast will be sure to satisfy bellies and palates. Whether you choose to finely slice pieces of bananas to glide on top of each French toast piece or make mash with bananas, vanilla extract, honey, cinnamon powder, or pumpkin pie spice, the breakfast of your dreams is waiting to be created and consumed.