DiGiorno's New Frozen Pizza Is An All-In-One Spin On Thanksgiving Dinner

Flavor experimentation and stunt releases have been all the rage in food recently, and DiGiorno is taking that spirit into the holidays with a new Thanksgiving-themed pizza. The frozen pizza purveyor already made headlines a few months ago with one of the most attention-grabbing releases of 2023, a pineapple and pickle pizza that was deliberately concocted to spark debate on the internet. DiGiorno's commitment to trying new things has also meant putting entire meals on top of its pies and pushing the very definitions of what constitutes pizza, as evidenced by its line of croissant crust breakfast pizzas inspired by cinnamon rolls and eggs benedict. 

Now, the pizza company has given us another classic dinner on top of dough, this time with a turkey and all of your favorite Thanksgiving sides. The DiGiorno Thanksgiving Pizza will be available exclusively online at the winking price of $11.23. A limited number of Thanksgiving Pizzas will go on sale each Wednesday on its website, starting on November 1, 2023, and continuing through Wednesday, November 22. The pizzas will be available until supplies run out. 

Kimberly Holowiak, the senior brand manager at DiGiorno, says of the pizza in a press release: "From Friendsgiving parties to Turkey Day tables, we're thrilled to provide a bold new way to appreciate the traditional Thanksgiving spread." Interestingly, DiGiorno cites a 2019 Instacart survey showing that 68% of Americans dislike classic Thanksgiving dishes but still eat them anyway as part of the reason it's releasing a pizza with many of those dishes as toppings.

DiGiorno's Thanksgiving Pizza combines holidays dishes on a thick crust

DiGiorno's new Thanksgiving Pizza combines quite a few holiday favorites to get your dinner all into one bite. The pizza is built on top of a thick Detroit-style crust, using a creamy gravy as the sauce. The toppings include turkey, diced sweet potatoes, green beans, cranberries, and a sprinkling of crispy onion strings, with a mix of mozzarella and cheddar for the cheeses. That's quite a feast for anyone who loves Thanksgiving, though it does look like stuffing lovers will have to stick to their traditional meal to get their fix.

DiGiorno is clearly aiming this release at people who want to enjoy the many tastes of a Thanksgiving meal before the actual holiday, but frozen and convenience foods shouldn't always be shunned on the big day. Everyone knows someone who prefers canned cranberry sauce, but canned Thanksgiving ingredients often make the best pumpkin pies and green bean casseroles, too. Pre-packaged frozen desserts and appetizers are also a great way to fill out your meal with minimum effort so you can focus your energy on perfecting that Thanksgiving turkey instead. And, hey, maybe you can sneak a few slices of DiGiorno's new pizza on your appetizer tray as a preview of the upcoming meal.