Baste Everything You Grill With Clarified Butter To Crank Up Flavor

Although people have been grilling for centuries, the pursuit of the perfect sear and smoky flavor has never stopped. Today, the race is still hot in both the backyards of enthusiastic amateurs and the kitchens of professional grill chefs as they relentlessly experiment with new techniques and novel ingredient combinations. For many, the secret ingredient that elevates their grilling game is clarified butter.

The smoke point of a cooking fat plays a pivotal role in grilling. It determines how well the fat can endure the intense heat generated by an open flame before it begins burning and smoking (hence the name). Clarified butter outshines regular butter in this aspect. Regular butter fresh out of the package still contains lumps of milk solids, which have a low smoke point of around 350 F. So, if you attempt to grill meat with a chunk of regular butter, you'll soon notice the butter turning black and starting to smoke due to the intense grill heat. Not only does this look unappetizing, but the charred butter can also impart an unpleasant, bitter taste to your food.

In contrast, most of the milk solids are removed during the clarification process. As a result, clarified butter is equipped to handle much higher heat without scorching. Clarified butter has a higher smoke point of about 450 F.

Clarified butter can add a new dimension of flavor to your grilled dishes

Grilling isn't just about achieving the perfect sear, though, it's also about the flavor of the food as it comes off the grates. With its rich taste, clarified butter ensures that your grilled foods are not only cooked to perfection but also brimming with flavor. The buttery notes provide extra layers of complexity and depth to your grilled dishes, enhancing the smokiness and inherent flavors of whatever it is that you're cooking. The butterfat also acts as a natural moisture-sealer, which helps keep your grilled meats juicy and your vegetables crisp and succulent.

What's more, the unique flavor profile of clarified butter complements an array of seasonings and marinades, making it incredibly versatile. Whether you're grilling corn on the cob or something fancier, like grilled clams with garlic butter, we're certain that you'll come to love the added dimension of flavor that clarified butter brings to your grilled creations!