The Serious Reason You Should Never Put Avocado Pits In The Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are a handy kitchen tool, making waste disposal significantly more convenient. They're designed to handle various kinds of food scraps, however, not all kitchen waste is suitable for this appliance, and some items can cause substantial damage. One such item that should never find its way into your garbage disposal is the avocado pit.

The pit of an avocado is hard and sizeable, characteristics that pose severe problems to the functionality of your garbage disposal. When the pit enters the disposal, the likelihood of causing damage to the blades is high. The blades inside the disposal are designed to handle softer organic materials and small amounts of firm substances. An avocado pit, due to its hardness and size, can dull the blades or even break them. The avocado seed can also get lodged within the disposal system, causing a jam. This could necessitate a costly repair or even a complete replacement of the disposal unit. Even if the pit is somehow chopped up into smaller pieces, the rough and gritty nature of these pieces behave like small seeds and can easily lead to obstructions, affecting the overall plumbing system. The result could be a challenging and expensive plumbing issue that necessitates professional intervention to resolve.

How to dispose of avocado pits

With all the risks associated with disposing of avocado pits in the garbage disposal, it's crucial to explore alternative methods of discarding that are safe and effective. A straightforward approach is to throw the pit into your regular trash bin. However, for a more sustainable option, composting is an excellent choice. Avocado pits are organic materials that can be incorporated into a compost bin or pile. Over time, they will naturally degrade, contributing to the nutrient-rich compost that can benefit the ecosystem. Due to their hardness, avocado pits take longer to decompose compared with other compostable materials. Therefore, breaking them into smaller pieces before adding them to your compost will speed up the decomposition process.

Alternatively, instead of discarding the avocado pit, consider reusing it. The pit can be planted and will grow into a new avocado tree, providing shade and more avocado fruits in the future. Moreover, avocado pits can be ground and used in smoothies or boiled to make tea, providing an additional nutritional boost. You can also make natural pink dye out of them for your fabric. So, the next time you make avocado toast and wonder what to do with the pits, remember to dispose of them safely or simply reuse them.